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Preferred Days:. Convenient Times:. We'll send you periodic updates about resources designed to help your loved one live at home. We can help your loved one live independently at home with the aid of our authorized Visiting Angels franchise located in Sugar Land in Fort Bend County, Texas.

We offer excellent home care services to the senior citizens residing in Sugar Land and other cities in Texas. We treat your loved ones with special care and affection, providing you peace of mind. We would love to hear from you. Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated.

To help us to better serve your home care needs, you can provide additional information about your loved one's needs. Resources Life Care Knowledge Center. Living Assistance Services, Inc. Visiting Angels UK. Your advertising should clearly and convincingly "speak" to your target audience, explaining the important benefits your product or service offers. In deciding how to discuss the major benefits of your product or service in your advertising keep "AIDA" in mind: attract Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire and motivate Action.

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Every month new advertising options become available. Beyond "traditional" media you can place ads in airports, on ski lifts and on televisions monitors in the front of grocery carts. Where you place your advertising should be guided by a simple principle: go where your target audience will have the highest likelihood of seeing or hearing it. Many advertising media work well to reach a diverse range of target consumers. There is no single medium inherently good or bad.

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A good medium for one product or service may be a poor medium for another. As you consider media choices look for one that fits your advertising goals, reaches your target efficiently and cost-effectively and is within your advertising budget.

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Based on these considerations, the following summarizes the relative advantages and disadvantages of the advertising media most frequently used by small businesses:. Internet marketing, online marketing or e-marketing are terms used for marketing your products or services over the Internet.

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Internet marketing is a great way to reach a wide, international audience at a relatively low cost. The nature of the medium allows consumers to find what they are looking for when they want, at their own convenience.

It provides instant response and is very interactive. Internet marketing methods include search engine marketing, display advertising, email marketing, and interactive advertising, all completed through your website. Internet marketing can be very creative, cost effective and interactive. Television provides a means for reaching a great number of people in a short period of time. Small businesses will typically use either spot television or cable television.

A spot television ad is placed on one station in one market.

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The number of people in your target audience who see your ad depends on how many viewers are tuned into the television station at a specific time. Cable advertising is placed either on a local cable television channel or on a cable network. Beyond television's reach, an additional advantage is its ability to convey your message with sight, sound, and motion.

The disadvantages of television advertising are: relatively higher cost - both the terms of airtime and production, limited length of exposure, short airtime making it difficult to present a complex or detailed message and the clutter of many other ads.

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Television ads may require multiple exposures to achieve message retention and consumer action. Also, many commercials are considered intrusive, prompting viewers to switch channels to avoid them. Radio, like television, has the ability to quickly reach a large number of consumers. The major advantage of radio lies in its ability to efficiently target narrowly defined segments of consumers.

The vast array of radio program formats lets an advertiser gear ads to almost any target audience.