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From a desktop or mobile browser, sign in and visit the Recent activity page. Depending on how you access your account, there can be up to 3 sections.

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If you see something you don't recognize, click Sign out or Remove next to it, then immediately change your password. Click show all to see all changes. Your IP address is your location online and each session should start with the same few sets of numbers. Click any recent activity entry to view its IP address as well as the date and time it was collected. While it may take some time for people to learn your new email address or it may be inconvenient to answer emails from 2 different email accounts, in the long run, this is the best solution.

Is AOL blocking your email? Let us explain.

Let’s be clear: you cannot trace the source

Why email forwarding a problem with AOL? Does legit spam get caught too?

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How can I fix this problem? Internet emails are designed to carry the IP address of the computer from which the email was sent.

Email tracing: Trace any email to know actual sender

This IP address is stored in an email header that is delivered to the recipient along with the message. Email headers are similar to envelopes for postal mail.

How can I trace where email came from?

Email headers contain the electronic equivalent of addressing and postmarks that reflect the routing of mail from source to destination. Modern email clients often hide the headers from view. However, headers are always delivered along with the message contents. Most email clients provide an option to enable the display of these headers if desired.


Internet email headers contain several lines of text. Some lines are labeled as Received followed by the IP addresses for the sending from email server and the receiving by email server, such as in the following fictitious example:. These lines of text are automatically inserted by email servers that route the message. If only one Received line appears in the header, you can be confident this is the actual IP address of the sender.

In some situations, however, multiple Received lines appear in an email header. This happens when the message passes through multiple email servers.