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In this e-mail you will have all the information that you provided in the order form. If you detect any error, contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve it. Our service consists of sending you the completed government application form online with the data you provided when you placed the order.

Also we provide you with your customized instructions so that you can obtain the certificate you need as fast as is possible. Remember to see the Vital Records Office processing times.

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Get your Certified Pennsylvania Birth Certificate

From the moment you make your purchase to the moment your order is in the hands of the Records Office, we will continue to assist and advise. We will strive to do our best to ensure a smooth and swift service.

Cases in which we do not offer a refund:. Contact us If you have any questions, comments or concerns arising from our website, the privacy policy, or your order, we are here to listen. Feel free to contact us through your MYORDER portal of our site or by phone or replying to our "noreply" e-mail both provided to our customers.

Use the online form and we will help you to obtain your official birth certificates. Order at any time and from anywhere! We help you avoid traveling long distances, traffic, lengthy phone calls, long lines, and long process times.

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A birth certificate is the official document which serves of proof of the birth of a person. Birth Certificates are needed for many reasons such as applying for a driver's license, obtaining a passport, a school registration, employment, obtaining a Social Security Number and more.

Birth certificates don't have an official expiration date but many agencies and public institutions require recently acquired certificates to complete most of the above mentioned processes.

Pennsylvania - How to obtain a Birth Certificate

With many years of experience, we help you locate and receive the correct vital records certificate and if needed, you can rely on us for the complete legalization process of your documents. All online! One web page, one single form! New York State or City? If the person was born in any other place in New York State, excluding the mentioned boroughs just complete the form below. Do you know the exact date of birth? Do you know the exact year of birth? Additional Information. Number of Certified Copies Legal Use.

Pennsylvania - How to obtain a Birth Certificate

I would like to expedite my order. You can buy one online, request it by mail, or in person. The birth records that you request will be automatically shipped UPS Air. Average processing time for birth certificates is ten to 15 business days from the time the order comes in. You have to factor that in.

If you want to submit it in by mail, you need to use an application for certified copy of birth record.


You have to include a photo ID and signature asking for the record. The Old-Fashioned Way. The traditional way to apply for a Pennsylvania birth certificate begins with a visit to the Pennsylvania Department of Health website. You will need to fill out the application form.

How to get a Pennsylvania Birth Certificate copy

Cash is not accepted. The New Way. Looking for an easier way to order Pennsylvania birth certificates? You get fast processing times and first-rate service when you order a copy of a birth certificate through our website. At FastBirthCertificates.