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It's hard to talk about the layers contained in BioShock 2's narrative without giving away too many plot details, but rest assured the story is as elegantly presented as ever. The audio diaries make a return, unfolding the plot without breaking up any of the action.

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The campaign should take players between 10 and 12 hours to beat. Beyond that the game offers a multiplayer mode which enhances BioShock's lore somewhat and offers some pretty decent gameplay into the bargain. Its plot begins just before the fall of Rapture and players take on the role of one of the city's inhabitants who has enrolled in a Plasmid testing course.

Players can battle across a series of maps which are paired-down versions of the areas in Rapture from the first game such as Fort Frolic, Arcadia and the Kashmir Restaurant. The mode boasts an RPG element — the more one plays, the more weapons, skins and other content is unlocked — and the number of battle-types will keep things fresh for a lengthy period of time. It will never be a multiplayer giant in the same way Modern Warfare 2 is, but it's satisfying none the less. BioShock 2 deserves recognition for its fantastic production values.

The voice-acting in the game is rock solid, and fans of the first game will be pleased to hear a couple of familiar voices on the soundtrack. The game's score, once again composed by Garry Schyman, manages the trick of being creepy, beautiful and jarring all at the same time. However, the highest praise goes to the rendering and design of the city of Rapture which is, as one would expect, gorgeous.

Rapture remains one of the best video game environments of all time. The clash of art-deco and industrial functionality is beautiful and the new environments are completely in synch with the original game's atmosphere.

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The work that 2K Marin has done in its level design is wonderful; from the twisted fairground of Ryan Amusement, to the red-light district of Siren Alley to the broken science labs of Fontaine Futuristics, they haven't put a foot wrong. The improved visuals also contain some lavish trimmings such as barnacles on staircases, coral which block passageways, and streams of water spilling from the ceilings, which reflect the city's advanced state of disrepair.

Perhaps the main obstacle facing BioShock 2 is that it lacks one of its predecessor's biggest trump cards: the shock of 'the new'. When Rapture was unveiled to the player in BioShock's first moneyshot, its otherwordly majesty was breathtaking. Players stared in awe at its submerged skyscrapers and art-deco trappings as Andrew Ryan's objectivist rantings and Garry Schyman's sublime score faded into the background. BioShock 2 doesn't have a moment which compares to that and how could it?

Most of its players will arrive in Rapture as natives rather than newcomers, after all. It also doesn't contain any plot point as gut-wrenching and the knife twist in Andrew Ryan's office in the original BioShock.

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It has to be said that as layered and as compelling as BioShock 2's plot is, it doesn't achieve the mind-blowing heights that its predecessor's did. That having been said, BioShock 2 is one of this year's essential titles. Jordan Thomas and the rest of his team are to be applauded for producing a sequel that stays true to the spirit of its predecessor while topping it completely in some aspects.

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Only time will tell whether players have seen the last of Andrew Ryan's leaking dystopia, but on the evidence of BioShock 2, if 2K Marin and Thomas decided to make a third trip to Rapture we'd be more than happy to accompany them. We'd even do the required reading. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 07 November This item is incompatible with BioShock. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within BioShock.

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  • This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This guide reveals where all of the weapon upgrade stations are located and how to reach them. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Sunny Milky Bread Online. Guide Index. Neptune's Bounty. Fort Frolic. Point Prometheus. The first weapon upgrade station in the game can be found in Neptune's Bounty, in the Freezer Bottom Floor.

    Weapon Upgrades

    You can find it right before the door to Smuggler's Cave, you'll be facing it when you head down the staircase into this area. You'll run into this station no matter what as you need to head through here to progress. The 2nd upgrade station will also be found as you progress in the game's story. The station will be on your left as you go through the tree farm to the Farmer's Market.

    The next upgrade station will be in the Farmer's Market, which can only be accessed through Arcadia. You can find it in the Winery, lower cellar. The city also briefly appears in BioShock Infinite , and is featured in its downloadable content , Burial at Sea. The game's back-story describes the city as envisioned by business tycoon Andrew Ryan in the mids as a means to create a utopia for mankind's greatest artists and thinkers to prosper in a laissez-faire environment outside of increasing oppression by the world's governments.

    However, the lack of government made many people uneasy, and the masses turned toward political activists like Atlas who advocated stability under a government, turning the city into a dystopia ; and on the eve of , a civil war broke out, leaving much of Rapture's population dead. The remaining citizens either became psychotic "Splicers" due to the effects of ADAM, a substance that can alter genetic material, or have barricaded themselves from the Splicers to protect themselves, leaving the city to fail and fall apart around them.

    The player first experiences Rapture in BioShock , in , a year after the fateful riots, as a man named Jack that has come to Rapture after a plane accident over the mid-Atlantic Ocean where the city was located; during this, the player comes to learn more about Ryan's motives and those that he struggled against to keep the city's ideals until the very end.

    In BioShock 2 , the player takes the role of a "Big Daddy", a heavily modified humanoid in an armored diving suit , designed to maintain the city, and would soon come to serve the purpose of protecting the Little Sisters as they collect ADAM from "Angels", which are dead bodies that harbor significant amounts of ADAM; this takes place eight years after the events of the first game, and while Ryan has been killed, there remain those that vie for the vacuum left in his position of power.

    Rapture makes a brief appearance near the climax of BioShock Infinite , which is otherwise set in a different dystopian city, Columbia. Downloadable content for Infinite is set in Rapture on New Year's Eve , a year before the events of the first BioShock and on the day of the civil war. The concept of Rapture was the brainchild of Ken Levine , founding member and creative director of Irrational Games , briefly renamed 2K Boston just prior to BioShock ' s release, but later returned to their former name.

    Ken Levine had studied the works of Ayn Rand , George Orwell , and Aldous Huxley and other works of utopian and dystopian societies as part of his liberal arts degree. Rapture is an underwater city, located in the north Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Greenland and Iceland. It is only accessible by a system of bathyspheres.

    The city was designed to be self-sufficient, growing and raising its own crops as well as using the surrounding sea life for food, and taking advantage of submarine volcanoes to provide geothermal power to its population. The buildings, both inside and out, feature a distinctive Art Deco design motif, reflecting on the era during which they were built the mid-'40s.

    In addition to living quarters, Rapture features shopping areas, entertainment venues, laboratories, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and other common services provided by a functional city.

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    Though Rapture was built as a utopia for creative individuals to flourish, the city soon became a dystopia. Part of the downfall of Rapture was the discovery of ADAM, stem cells harvested from a previously unknown species of sea slug. Scientists in Rapture found that ADAM could be used to overwrite the human genome, allowing its users to literally "splice" super powers such as telekinesis into their DNA. The lead scientist, Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum, found that ADAM could be mass-produced by implanting the sea slug in the stomachs of young orphaned girls, who came to be known as "Little Sisters".

    The making of Fort Frolic, Bioshock's most twisted and memorable level

    The implantation process only worked on female children for an unknown reason. As Rapture began to fall into social chaos, in part due to the mental instability that came about from increased ADAM use, the Little Sisters were mentally reconditioned to extract ADAM from the dead and recycle it. Suchong generated genetically modified humans in armored diving suits , and assigned them to protect a specific Little Sister.

    These beings became known as " Big Daddies ".