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Animation, Batman Beyond won two Emmy Awards and three Annie Awards as it captured the imaginations of a new generation of Batman fans, setting new standards for superhero storytelling with innovative designs, outstanding voice acting, and an intriguing approach to DC's iconic characters and stories. The series also spawned an acclaimed animated film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Stay to the end for some exclusive prizes and cool announcements.

Thursday July 18, pm - pm Hall H. They'll premiere a sizzle reel with never-before-seen footage. What does the future hold for the continuing series about the toys that we all know? Hear from show creator Brian Volk-Weiss, eP Robin Henry, producer Richard Mayerik, editor Nick Ferrell, and production manager Jackie Palombo, and get an exclusive look ahead, along with a peek behind the curtain of season 3.

Thursday July 18, pm - pm Room 6A. UDON Entertainment Celebrating another groundbreaking year of publishing the best video game and anime art books and manga from Japan and all over the world, UDON's chief Erik Ko is joined by director of publishing Matt Moylan to talk about all the new and exciting projects that UDON is going to offer in the coming months. Thursday July 18, pm - pm Room 8. From voice recognition commands to smart watches, our world is beginning to look like the sci-fi shows that have long intrigued us.

What do some of America's smartest people think will be next? American Mensa, the high IQ society, hosts a panel of writers, academics, and sci-fi fans in a discussion on what the future may hold. John Putman professor and Star Trek expert , Dr. Moderated by Mark Habegger writer, filmmaker. Thursday July 18, pm - pm Room 4. Watch the creative process first-hand and learn the tricks of the trade that bring DC Entertainment's characters to life. Thursday July 18, pm - pm Room 6DE. Evil Exclusive Screening and Panel Evil is a psychological mystery that examines the origins of evil along the dividing line between science and religion.

The series focuses on a skeptical female psychologist who joins a priest-in-training and a carpenter as they investigate the Church's backlog of unexplained mysteries, including supposed miracles, demonic possessions, and hauntings. Their job is to assess if there's a logical explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work. Please join series stars Katja Herbers , Mike Colter , Aasif Mandvi, and Michael Emerson, along with co-creators and executive producers Robert King and Michelle King for an exclusive sneak peek of the first episode followed by a panel discussion.

Moderated by Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly. Evil will air Thursdays this fall on CBS. Thursday July 18, pm - pm Ballroom Thursday July 18, pm - pm Marriott Grand Ballroom 6. Are You There, Gods? It's Us, the Protagonists While creators are technically the gods of their universes, for all intents and purposes, sometimes their creations include deities and religious systems.

Authors discuss whether or not they choose to include gods in their world-building, whether or not they were inspired by real life in creating their worlds' gods, religions, or magic systems, and their methods in developing those aspects of the stories. Careers in Geek Fashion Fans can express what they love and connect with most in pop culture through fashion.

From clothing to jewelry, options continue to grow each year as the industry expands and fans can be more than just consumers of it. These cease-and-desist letters broke the fourth wall in a way that is now unavoidable, given the public awareness of legal machinations due to the weaponization of social media and the internet. Comics Censorship in Learn how comics are under attack and what you can do to help! From lawsuits against schools for using LGBTQ comics to intimidation of manga readers by customs authorities and persecution of cartoonists around the world, comics censorship remains an urgent problem.

CBLDF experts showcase the current censorship landscape at this riveting and informative presentation. A dedicated cadre of individuals across the globe work in tandem to create translated editions for international audiences. Comic book women have been kicking ass across panels and pages for decades. But what is the secret sauce that makes some of these characters take off and others fall flat? Flipping the Script for Newbies Writers create dialogue, and now they are in control of the dialogue in this new landscape of agentless writers and community staffing boosts.

Leaders in the Solidarity Challenge and boosting movements will give advice on opportunities, hashtagging, mixers, and how to utilize the many platforms and resources available to writers at all levels. Moderated by Ken Choy GizmoPorn. Moderated by Gears' franchise narrative lead Bonnie Jean Mah The Coalition , this panel will give fans insight into what's to come from one of the biggest sagas in gaming. Tim will be joined by actor and writer Austin Grant Midsommar, Yellowstone, Wind River , as well as a special celebrity guest, talking film, TV, and comedy.

They are fans of each others' work and now collaborators! Pumpkinheads comes out from Rainbow and Faith this August. It's a tender and hilarious romantic comedy set in a pumpkin patch, and it's Rainbow's first original graphic novel. Hear these two in conversation prior to the release. Look back at the five years of adventures the intrepid Atlantis team encountered through the gate.

View exclusive clips and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage, and hear surprise panelists tell you their personal anecdotes from the set! State of the Tabletop Industry Tony Serebriany, Justin Gary, Scott Gaeta, Elisa Teague, and Satine Phoenix, working in different roles in publishing, design, and media in the tabletop industry discuss growing trends, the changing market landscape, and how Kickstarter, Twitch, and social media are changing the shape of the industry. Table Talks Learn about various programs and initiatives librarians have successfully offered communities using comics and pop culture to increase literacy and build community connections.

You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. Film critic Leonard Maltin is the ultimate movie fan and his reviews are legendary. It's a conversation between battling beliefs. Perhaps best known for his eponymous annual book of movie capsule reviews , Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, which was published from to , Leonard and his daughter Jessie Maltin, who together host the Maltin on Movies podcast, are willing to take on all comers who have a gripe over one of Leonard's reviews. Marquess of Queensbury rules will be enforced, but anyone who wants to have a lively discussion is welcome to spar verbally with America's best-known film critic.

Hear from this panel of judges and lawyers as they journey into legal tales to astonish of how Dr. A panel of true believers including U. Born and bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Stanley wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director, and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios, a world-acclaimed digital art studio that produces high-quality artworks for the likes of Capcom, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other giants in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Presently, Stanley and his IFS partners are running a full-time diploma course in Digital Design and Illustration for aspiring artists worldwide, in collaboration with 3dsense Media School Singapore. Nazi and Allied propaganda art was used in many ways with devastating results. Holocaust victims drew what they saw, and this was the universal language that told the stories of the Holocaust as it happened. There will be a video presentation of Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax who survived three concentration camps including Auschwitz; mother of Sandra.

Ruth passed last year, but her original video from Comic-Con will be presented. Moderated by Stephen D. Care and Nurturing of Someone Else's Universe What are the responsibilities and opportunities writers embrace when writing about iconic characters in universes created by someone else, whether an individual or a corporation?

Talk comics, cartoons, games, and television universes with F. Come hear this talented panel discuss how Comic-Con has changed for them throughout the years. This is the panel of Roddenberry Entertainment. Its minute mission: to explore strange new worlds. Cue Music. To seek out a roundtable discussion exploring the importance and relevancy of science fiction in today's society. To boldly go where no panel has gone before!

OK, may be a few. Fundamental topics will include: science fiction's role in propelling society forward, what is logically possible in the future, and how the genre can, and should, inspire entire generations. Moderated by Clare Kramer. Moderator Greg Miller loudmouth at KindaFunny. Lawrence Plankton , and Clancy Brown Mr. Krabs will discuss what it was like to portray their characters in front of the camera for the first time in this live action-animation hybrid episode. Plus, they're covering 20 years of nautical nonsense, so be sure to bring it around town! Undone From acclaimed creators Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg BoJack Horseman comes Undone, a groundbreaking and genre-bending animated series about a young woman's complex journey to unlock her past and solve the mystery of her father's death.

Alma Winograd-Diaz Rosa Salazar takes her mundane life one day at a time until a near-fatal accident induces visions of her late father, Jacob. Through these persistent visions, he urges her to tap into a mysterious ability that allows her to travel through space and time with the hopes of preventing his untimely death. This quest challenges Alma's relationships and brings into question her mental well-being with those closest to her.

Cohen, and Tommy Pallotta. Dutch artist and filmmaker Hisko Hulsing served as the series director and production designer. Entertainment , and other panelists celebrate the life and legacy of Stan Lee and the unique influence he had and will continue to have on fans, creators, and pop culture worldwide. Panelists will share memories of Stan, talk about how he inspired their work, and discuss how his legacy will continue to be honored through future projects and endeavors.

Fans will also have an opportunity to express the impact Stan had upon them. Talented artists integral to creating these animated classics old and new will talk about their experience and the influence and importance of these features in the history and future of film. Le Guin over the last four years of her life to bring her world of Earthsea to visual life.

Over the course of thousands of emails, which in turn produced hundreds of preparatory drawings, he attempted to slide inside her brain. This presentation pulls aside the curtain to give a behind-the-scenes tour of how it was done. Both new and veteran players will be right at home as the panelists provide tips on roleplaying great characters, finding the right game for your playstyle, and making sure players and GMs are working together to create a fun gameplay experience.

Plus, tips on the coolest RPGs to check out! And don't miss the opportunity to play RPGs with the panelists! They'll be running a gameplay session immediately after the panel in Pacific Ballroom 21 of the Marriott Marquis and another session on Saturday night at in the same room.

Join the adventure! Hasbro Transformers Celebrate 35 years of Transformers with a nod to the past, look at the present, and reveals of what the franchise has in store for the future. Since the brand has showcased the power of belief and wonder and the idea that there is always more than you expect! You will be able to travel behind the scenes of the new Cyberverse Chapter 2: Power of the Spark with sneak peeks of new characters never before encountered on Cybertron. You will also be the first to hear about new Transformers Generations toys that have yet to hit store shelves, straight from the design and marketing teams at Hasbro.

Exciting new Transformers initiatives from trusted partners will be shared, as well as the induction of the Transformers Hall of Fame members. Be prepared for huge surprises and reveals seen first here! Judge Dredd: Supercop or Satire? He's the hardline cop bringing justice to the mean futuristic streets of Mega-City One, but is Judge Dredd a hero or a villain?

Is he a law enforcement role model, or, in the light of recent years, is he becoming a worrying vision of the future? This panel of creators and commentators debate the pros and cons of the ultimate lawman of the future. Learn How to Color Comics Do you know how comic books are colored? Learn about the creative art of comic book coloring as Hi-Fi's Brian Miller Justice League, The Flash and Kristy Miller Femme Magnifique, Birds of Prey demonstrate the step-by-step transformation of a comic book page from black and white to full color.

Learn professional techniques for flatting, rendering, color holds, and special effects, along with top digital coloring tips. Legion M is the world's first fan-owned entertainment company. Through equity crowdfunding, they've made it possible for anyone to become an entertainment investor. Philippe The People vs. George Lucas. They will also have updates on projects in development. The Business of Podcasting Okay, you have a great idea for a podcast.

Now what? This panel brings together podcasters, sound engineers, and podcast advertising professionals to explain how to take your podcast from initial launch to monetization. They'll explore issues like choosing the right recording equipment and software, building an audience through social media, and getting advertising on your show. Bring your questions! What comes next on the journey to see more women and more types of women represented in pop culture?

Tamara Brooks DCComics. Glenn, Dr. Coyote in his relentless pursuit of the Roadrunner.

From giant magnets to rocket shoes, jet-propelled unicycles, and Super Speed Vitamins, they will show you what is possible in the world of cartoon physics. Book Fights! These fun interactions will lead to the audience deciding on which librarians are the most "Lit" of all! Modeled after the "Movie Fights! They'll cover the topics of comic books, manga, fantasy, and more. So how do companies get the chance to create products with other people's IPs, and what does it take to make sure a product is going to please die-hard fans?

And what's involved with building one from square one? Petra Mayer Books editor, NPR , Gina Gagliano publishing director, Random House Graphic , and Whitney Leopard senioreditor, Random House Graphic host a discussion of the ins-and-outs of editing, design, marketing, and publicity and how they all come together to make great graphic novels.

Nancy Drew Exclusive Screening and Panel Nancy Drew is a brilliant teenaged detective whose sense of self has come from solving mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine—until her mother's untimely death derails Nancy's college plans. Devastated by her mother's passing, Nancy swears off crime solving, but when a socialite is murdered, Nancy finds herself embroiled in a ghostly murder investigation. A supernatural presence begins to haunt Nancy's investigation, and she discovers that the current crime has an astonishing connection to the unsolved murder of a local girl.

Whether the ghost is here to help or hinder Nancy remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: Nancy's going to have to unravel the clues from both the living and the dead to solve the crimes. Kathleen McClancy Texas State University examines how The Coldest City and Velvet engage with Cold War nostalgia to challenge the idea that either espionage or comics themselves were ever just for men.

Sam Langsdale University of North Texas argues that Marvel's America queers normative depictions of mainstream superheroes to reevaluate what qualities make a superhero admirable in nonnormative, and thus ultimately more inclusive, ways. Dragon Ball Z: 30th Anniversary Panel One of the greatest action animated series of all time celebrates its 30th anniversary this year!

Decades later, these mini-blockbusters gained a huge new audience, attracting the attention of major websites. The two recount all the ingenuity and mischief of their childhood filmmaking adventures—a time when dinosaurs, aliens, and killer sharks ruled the backyard! From Idea to Hired: Books, TV, Film, and Comics Book agents and literary managers come together to answer all your questions about how to take your writing career from the blank page to sold. Bring your questions about markets, writing the breakout project, getting representation, what it takes to sell a book to film, and more.

Panelists will give you the industry scoop—but no pitches, please. Educators Zachary Brown, Timothy Stiven, Scott Sayre, and Teofilo Argrazal share the story of how they are practicing international diplomacy, building literacy, fostering citizen science, and promoting environmental stewardship by creating comics in schools.

Come learn about their collaboration and how to build your own bridges across communities near and far with just a little creativity and imagination. The Art and Magic of Comics Lettering: Discussions with Comicraft's Richard Starkings Letterers are often overlooked but are an essential part of the magic that makes comic book stories come to life.

From hand lettering Batman: The Killing Joke to digitally lettering his latest Elephantmen series, Richard Starkings has done it all, including starting his own lettering company, Comicraft. Listen to comiXologists Ivan Salazar and Taylor Morgan as they talk with Starkings about the often-unsung heroes of comics and what it takes to be a comic book letterer.

Carlos is an American comic book artist who has worked on Marvel's Star Wars comic. Recently, he has worked on DC Universe Online. The Writers Coffeehouse is a bunch of writers sitting around talking about writing. No agendas, no requirements—just chat about markets, pitching and selling, conquering frustration and defeating writers block, and all of the good things that come from the community of writers. It's open to everyone—from absolute beginners to award winners and bestsellers.

Just show up, hang out, and talk. Or don't talk—lurk in the back and take notes. Or that most libraries don't have separate budgets for buying comics? Hear from librarians, specialists, and educators as they share their tips and tricks for how to build mindful, accessible, and locally relevant collections for readers from early literacy to adult in a range of formats from zines to webcomics to collected volumes.

Hear their favorite comics and why , their tools for buying and evaluating quality comics including award lists like the Eisners , and their suggestions for what to read next. Creating, Maintaining, and Growing a Free Community With years of experience in keeping Streetpass San Diego going as the largest Nintendo meetup group in the nation, hear from Adolfo Coronel, Michelle Hernandez, Ben Avecilla, Jahaziel Aguilera, and Chris McAtamney for a how-to guide and tips on starting and keeping a community going as well as holding events for free.

Learn how to get sponsorships, promotional materials, venues, and most important, community members. Emergence Beyond explanation. Cast and executive producers will present a first look at the pilot episode of ABC's new drama series Emergence, followed by a panel discussion. This character-driven genre thriller follows a police chief who takes in a young child she finds near the site of a mysterious accident who has no memory of what has happened.

Weenect Cats 2

The investigation draws her into a conspiracy larger than she ever imagined, and the child's identity is at the center of it all. Fair Use and Fan Engagement WatchMojo leverages its relationships, copyright law, and common sense to build a business reaching million unique viewers around the fair use doctrine and exception. With technology having radically redrawn the landscape and consumer behavior blowing the lid off traditional production and distribution models, it seems like the law and business practices have not yet caught up.

Where does this leave fan engagement? In a future where everyone is a content creator, curator, and distributor of sorts, how open should the investors and creators of original intellectual property be? After all, Game of Thrones was one of the most pirated series ever, yet it also went on to become one of the most successful ever. HBO's decision to embrace its fan base spawned thousands of fan communities, series etc.

In this discussion, WatchMojo founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan brings a diverse set of perspectives on both sides of the debate to determine where the balance is between protecting rights holders versus the biggest proponents of fair use. Go Fish! Get a sneak peek of this animated feature film exclusive to SDCC. Ultraduck begins preproduction and you can see how Arcana produces their animated films in this unique behind-the-scenes look at Ultraduck's designs and character models.

When the Howard Lovecraft trilogy finished in , Arcana immediately began developing Miskatonic, an animated TV series, and will debut the short film showing the world of Miskatonic. As always, there are very special panelists that will be on hand. Free toys, books, shirts, and DVDs for asking questions and participating. You'll have a R'lyeh good time! Relive the overlooked and underappreciated genius of the original Star Trek movie that first began the human adventure.

Transmit now! Adam Pawlus, resident Toy Evangelist of Entertainment Earth, brings decades of toy industry experience to the table. Get ready for news, pictures, and maybe even an in-person look at new and never-before-seen toys, action figures, and collectibles. They're so new, they're still secret!

See new reveals, upcoming exclusives, and any other secrets he could wrestle from some of the biggest toy companies. Will there be freebies? Might there be trivia? Will he bring a slide show? All will be revealed. Skybound: In Conversation with Robert Kirkman Comic book creator, writer, and executive producer Robert Kirkman answers questions from fans and discusses his latest projects, including The Walking Dead, Invincible, Oblivion Song, and more.

They'll discuss his work, the companies he's worked for, and the many characters he's worked on. Marv will also answer all questions well, maybe not all! The techniques and technology used in coloring have seen huge changes over the years, with each new revolution defining a new era in comics. What Is the Future of Comics? With Neal Adams Three decades ago, Neal Adams set the standards for a new world of comic book characters and stories.

For another creator, this might seem to be enough for any career, but Neal is back setting new standards, new directions, and new technology for the future of comics. Now is the time to bring comics into the future. What is the future? I'm about to tell you. The franchise spawned countless comics and animated series. Hear about this fall's Hollywood costume party and what the future holds for Farscape from Brian Henson executive producer, director; chairman of The Jim Henson Company and creator Rockne S. O'Bannon Farscape, Defiance.

Would you like to see more characters and stories that relate to you? Maybe it's time to write your own! Walker writer, Bitter Root will talk about creating comics outside the mainstream and offer tips on exactly how to do it. Evoking a sense of that time, place, and feeling is not an easy task.

Just as a scent on a breeze can transport us back in time, so can the perfect graphic novel. Learn from Comic-Con special guests how they use history, memory, and emotion to tell moving and personal stories. It took one grab of his crotch to make him an international sensation. Teen Titans Go! The Titans return to San Diego to kick off your Comic-Con weekend waffle fights, meatball parties and. Producers and members of the voice cast will show attendees an awesome time covering this favorite animated series. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Teen Titans Go! Marvel's Agents of S.

The cast and producers of Marvel's Agents of S. Be the first to hear the scoop about the show-stopping conclusion for season 6 and what awaits in season 7 of Marvel's flagship television show. This panel will celebrate with a collection of fan art and the best of Stan's cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus stories from those who knew Stan and his genuine appreciation for his fans.

Moderated by Christine Quimbo and Anastasia Hunter. Seduction of the Immigrant: Filipino and Spanish Artists in s American Comics Panelists will explore comic art of the Philippines and Spain prior to the s and then cover how major American comics publishers recruited these artists to work in the U. Topics will include how "poaching" foreign talent impacted indigenous industries, its influence on American comic art and specific genres, and the negative impact on the artists' rights movement of that same period in this country.

Scott Robinson of Globo Comico. The Mark, Sergio, and Stan Show It's most of the crew who bring you the bumbling adventures of Groo the Wanderer, talking about what they do and why they do it. They'll be discussing the latest Groo miniseries, many upcoming projects, and why Mark doesn't get paid for the work he does on their comic.

Then again, he's not getting paid for writing this panel description either. Webcomics: Truth in Four Panels In this era of misinformation and fake news, truth emerges from unlikely sources. The comic strip, long a medium of quick one-liners and sight-gags, is becoming more credible than the news medium that originally birthed it.

The simplicity of this medium allows these two cartoonists to tell their truths in a powerful, yet relatable way. Ask a good enough question, and there may be a prize in store! Is Darth Vader a worse parent than Homer Simpson? Some women create truly dark and challenging art and content, with just enough humor and whimsy to counterbalance all that darkness.

Whether it's comic books, novels, or art, these are the women who are creating content that connects with the deeper, darker side of all of us. Apex reveals sneak-peek art and information about upcoming releases Atomic Age and Split City. Captain Action: Adventures in Animation and Fan Art Contest Captain Action, the first superhero action figure, celebrates collecting, customization, and entrepreneurial passion with a behind-the-scenes-look at animation development, announcing new publishing efforts, and the all-ages animation, with CAKE as their international distributor.

This year, Captain Action will celebrate fan creations with a focus on Fan Art—awarding the grand prize during the panel. Moderated by Ed Catto Captain Action. Comic Universes in Mixed Reality Ted Schilowitz, futurist at Paramount Pictures, and Ben Wolstenholme, founder and comic book artist at MadeFire discuss the creative and technological evolution of the comic art form in wearable mixed reality technology. They'll show screen-capture sneak peeks of comic book characters and comic universes in mixed reality utilizing Magic Leap and Hololens wearable devices.

ComiXolgy Originals: Creator-Owned Comics and Beyond Join comiXology's head of content Chip Mosher and a surprise cast of beloved comic creators and rising-star talent to get the scoop on an all-new, yet-to-be-announced comiXology Originals series direct from the creators making it! They'll wow the crowd with stories on the process of bringing creator-owned comics to life and what it's like pushing the envelope with digital comics, and beyond.

Have you wondered how to make comics all while holding down a 9-to-5 job? Learn how to create your own comics network and community and how to push each other to hit deadlines, reach goals, and publish your comics work. And more than that, they'll discuss how the business of Hollywood works—the dos and don'ts of it all. Most important, they'll discuss taking an idea and shaping it into a coherent story and screenplay, ready to shoot! Moderated by Andy Schmidt Guardians of the Galaxy.

Focusing on pop culture and hilarious award-winning films, this screening allows the viewer to see the next generation of Hollywood superstars before anyone else. Meet Spike in person. Recommended ages 10 and up. The Movie: Week The co-hosts of the popular Electric Surge podcast, The Movie, will curate an all-new fantasy theme week devoted to the films of Will the Dark Knight dance in the pale moonlight of Monday, or will Indiana Jones throw his hat into the ring? Find out this and more as Mark A.

Hey, wait a second. Don't miss out on this history-making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel as three generations of TMNT creators take the stage to celebrate the history, fandom, and success of the Heroes in a Half Shell! These award-winning creators will answer fan questions, share audience giveaways, and unveil never-before-seen, original TMNT art.

Moderated by Mike Cecchini Den of Geek. Are you already in the business and need help with figuring out how to budget between paid contracts, deal with taxes, or determine the best way to raise and save cash for future projects? Perhaps you just want to be a financial superhero for yourself and your family and invest in your future.

Sean Nisil certified financial planner and Karen Martin The Princess Project will present an entertaining and educational panel on superhero financial planning and best practices for artists, writers, industry professionals, and all others interested. Go Go Power Rangers! How do we as a community harness this moment? What sort of possibilities does this bring? Come for this insightful conversation on the new frontiers that are rapidly opening up for our community.

Panelists will discuss the mission of the group and how they play a role in future talents. Stumptown Based on the Stumptown graphic novel, ABC's new drama series follows Dex Parios Cobie Smulders , a strong, assertive, and sharp-witted Army veteran with a complicated love life, a gambling debt, and a brother to take care of in Portland, Oregon. Her military intelligence skills make her a great P.

Moderated by Geoff Boucher Deadline. Real Men This documentary traces the development of the Tough Guy from the beginnings of Bogart to the role models of today while offering a new critical assessment of macho cinema. The film is a stunning reexamination of how manhood works for the big screen and its influence on men around the world. Take a look behind the scenes of some of the most controversial and important developments in comics over the past four decades. Higher, Further, Faster.

Are We There Yet? Female superheroes are finally getting their due on screen and reigning at the box office. Star Wars now centers on a female Jedi, Black Panther brought a dynamic array of female characters to the MCU, and there is the first female Doctor since the character's debut. Online commentary from sites like SYFYFangrrls, fangirl-run podcasts, and events like GeekGirlCon continue to successfully challenge the notion that fandom is a male-dominated space. So why are women still having to prove themselves as consumers and community members, as well as pop culture enthusiasts and producers?

Join Jennifer K. Lee Not Your Sidekick ; Not Your Villain as they punch holes in the sky for a dynamic, inquisitive, compassionate, community-building discussion exploring how far they've come culturally as female fans, struggles they still face as cultural critics and culture makers—and ways for us all to go higher, further, and much much faster. Horror Times Two: Critters Attack! Home Entertainment brings a double dip of upcoming horror films in Critters Attack! Inspired by the film series from the '80s and '90s, Critters Attack!

Struggling to entertain the professor's children along with her own little brother, Drea takes them on a hike, unaware that mysterious alien critters have crash-landed and started devouring every living thing they encounter. Dee Wallace E. In the horror thriller, a boy named Harley and his family go to a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley. But things take an unexpected turn—and the body count quickly rises.

Can Harley, his mom, and their new pals safely escape? Critters Attack! The Art of Ghibli Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of the anime films and television series we all know and love? Would you like to learn the trade secrets and day-to-day job profiles of one of Japan's most lucrative industries? Well here's your chance to find out with anime industry insider Kihara Hirokatsu. Kihara will talk about his time working on some of the most iconic anime films of all time. Attendees will also have a chance to glimpse some incredibly rare pieces of animation history!

Nowadays he writes ghost stories and MCs at monster conventions. His most famous work is Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment, which has been a crucial contributor to many other hits in this genre.

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The Super-Awesome Pro Writers AMA Smackdown This panel of pro writers are ready and willing to answer almost any questions you have about what it takes to earn a living as a writer in the 21st century. Trying to break in as a screenwriter? Animation writer? Video game writer? Comic book scribe? Maybe you're dreaming about publishing that first novel, but you're not sure which way to go.

Is it better to take the indie route? Aim for the traditional New York path? Will you need an agent? What about book marketing? How do you build a writer brand? What's the reality of selling books and comics at conventions? Will brick-and-mortar bookstores go the way of the dinosaurs? Is Amazon really the future? Cobra Kai: Past, Present, and Future Hear from the cast and creators of the hit YouTube Original Series Cobra Kai, which launched its second season last spring to another round of fanfare and critical acclaim.

From its iconic roots in The Karate Kid film franchise to the current YouTube series, fans can learn the moves it took to bring these popular characters back for a new generation—and try to wrestle free the surprises in store for its upcoming third season. Her search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children and becomes a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust.

Home Movies 20th Anniversary Reunion The classic adult swim animated series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the first-ever Home Movies panel. The fan-fave series is feted with a cast reunion featuring co-creators Loren Bouchard Bob's Burgers and Brendon Small Metalocalypse , plus cast members H. Revisit your favorite characters, episodes, and more with the team that brought them to you! Hear from both the creators and the talent as they share personal stories, insider advice, and thoughts on the future of this new and exciting entertainment format.

Learn strategies on how to create an income from your talent on your own terms. For 50 years, San Diegans have innovated comics creativity, publishing, and fandom in a way that's rippled out across the world. Meet some of the visionaries who have called San Diego home and learn how their work has changed comics and continues to define this city as a beacon for comics lovers across the globe. Comic Story Clinic Have an idea for a comic story or character but can't seem to focus it? In this combination panel and workshop, they'll also address specific obstacles that attendees might have with their projects.

Moderated by Fast Company 's Sue Karlin. DC is proud to be home to some of the most talented artists working in comics today. This fan-favorite lineup of artists— Bernard Chang, Jock, Dustin Nguyen, Dexter Soy— will present a unique look into their visual approaches to your all-time favorite DC superhero, Batman! She frequently talks about making comics focus purely on content—your drawing ability, your big cool idea, or how awesome your cast is—and completely ignore what it's like to live as a human being with a life and a schedule and bills while trying to make your own independent comic.

Makeup Effects on a Budget Makeup effects artist Jeff Barkley Break of Dawn will discuss and demonstrate using household materials and inexpensive makeup items to create a character makeup. Prism Awards: Diversity and Recognition in Comics The winners of the Third Annual Prism Awards will be revealed in this part panel discussion and part awards ceremony full of fabulous fun! Plus, you never know what queer icons just might show up!

Vulture's The Business of Comics Vulture's Abraham Riesman leads an in-depth conversation with an accomplished panel of veteran comics executives, retailers, and distributors to explore the secrets of what it takes to succeed in the business of comics—from the direct market and bookstores to licensing and Hollywood. Parents and administrators are still fighting the concept of comics as literature, and the educators on this panel have excellent methods for addressing these challenges.

Have you always dreamed of working in the industry? From editorial positions to marketing representatives to legal advisors to accountants, there's a job in comics for you! But the games industry and studio culture have been slow to change. This panel presents several women, each with years of experience working on successful game titles, who have decided to shape their own careers and reshape the industry they love. There's more anime streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and Crunchyroll, and that's driving interest in more manga and a more diverse range of titles than ever before.

Craig Russell's pages of American Gods to life on the comics page. Scott will also do a painting demo using traditional tools pen, ink, acrylic paint. His work on Silverheels from Pacific Comics in is regarded as the first continuing painted comic. Superstore Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers! From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless seasonal hires, together the employees tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters and riot-causing sales, as well as the varied complex issues facing the American working class today.

Technology as a Means to Enable Cultural Expression Stars of Quantic Dream's narrative-driven video game experiences join the games' writer and director David Cage to discuss how storytelling and performances enabled by technology are evolving the way video games are perceived as forms of cultural expression.

The Art Heroines: Using Your Creative Powers to Level Up This panel will explore the pitfalls and triumphs of the entertainment industry, including how to not only survive the stress but manage yourself in it. Panelists will touch on employer best practices, habits that are productive vs. The Hardboiled Return of Ms. Michael Tree. Tree: One Mean Mother, and Max is here to spill the beans about his two-fisted heroine! Since those events, and others related and similar, were near-apocalyptic for the indigenous peoples of North America, it's an appropriate time to reflect on their histories and how they experienced these events.

Unfortunately, indigenous history in North America has often been distorted, ignored, or even lost. Can comics be a tool to help recover this history? If you believe that elsewhere in our galaxy, familiar worlds from Star Trek and sci-fi exist, this is the panel for you. Panelists Dr. Animated TV series pretty much all have story editors. Their duties can range from being the head writer and supervising all of the scripts to sitting in on voice recording sessions, approving storyboards, and more.

What skills do you need? How do you become one? And how do you, as a writer, get them to be aware of you and want to hire you to write on their shows? Fake News! With magical demonstrations, video footage, and never-before-told stories from the making of the show, you will learn how the magicians and actors use clever techniques and cunning psychology to make the impossible seem real—you'll even learn to perform magic yourself!

Joined by cast members, Magic and Illusions designer Jamie Harrison and his associate Chris Fisher give panel audiences an exclusive insight into the world of the mind-blowing stage effects of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Masquerade For costumers, future costumers, and those who simply enjoy watching costume events, this overview of convention competitions will look at their history, differences among conventions, the judging processes, and what it takes to make an impact.

Also tips on research, fabrication methods, music, reference materials for crafting and judging, and stage presentation ideas for taking original and re-created designs from concept to stage-ready. Passion into Cash: Animate Characters and Make Money Create your own entertainment channel using your own character illustrations and build a community of online viewers.

Documentary World Premiere Discover the unbelievable history behind the iconic, magical, and influential superhero who is really just a kid at heart: Shazam! Sandberg, and producer Peter Safran. The Ever-Expanding World of Esports To say this expansion is fast and furious would not be an understatement.

Tournaments and sponsorships continue to grow. This panel of gamers, producers, and sponsors will discuss its massive engagement and where the future leads. Vaughn Overstreet , and others present a look at what keeps the Ultraverse coming back. Also, a retrospective on the late Ultraverse founder James Hudnall. The Writers' Journey: The Importance of Original Material in the Marketplace The shifting 21st century digital frontier means the age-old methods of building a career have been rendered irrelevant.

This group of Hollywood screenwriters and graphic novel creators share insider information, publishing secrets, and the professional realities on how to develop your ideas into a viable property and market yourself accordingly. Trivia for the Rest of Us Use your own device to select answers in this fast-paced open online session covering topics like theme songs, video games, princesses, and Stan Lee.

Winners will receive prizes. Menelik Makhar, Dermot Hussey, O. Its chronicling of the African Diaspora's last years—politically, culturally, artistically, and in other ways—has never been previously told. Panelists and family member s will share artwork executed to date, details about how the project has come together, and where Lion of Judah is heading. What challenges do genderqueer and gender nonconforming people face in finding love?

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How do asexual people approach romance? What complications can polyamory bring to young love? Hosted by actress and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein. Comics PR and Marketing Need tips on how to market your content, your comics, and yourselves? This is the panel for you! These self-motivated comic pros will share their hard-earned knowledge on how to make big splash in comics through marketing and PR.

Condensing an Idea: Making the Difficult Palatable How do you distill a story down to its main components? Comics often call for brevity, but how does that work with a complex story or idea? Comic-Con special guests discuss how they delve into their complex worlds of comics and come out the other side with stories we readily consume. Listen to them and other authors discuss the widening scope of voices, perspectives, and representation in SFF literature.

Crafty Apes in Space! Now fans will have the chance to go behind the screen with the team who will dive into the ways in which visual effects shots were crucial to the storytelling process. Moderator: Zoe Hewitt reporter, Variety, and other media outlets. The Guardian Dantel Echeverria, the infamous master swordsman, travels to the tree of life in search of his immortal destiny.

Spotlight on Frank Miller Legendary creator Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns is joined by Borys Kit writer, The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his body of work over the last four decades as well as his highly anticipated slate of upcoming projects across comics, novels, television and film. Comics Anthologies, Demystified What defines a great comics anthology? The curatorial expertise of a good editor, a unifying aesthetic, or the talent and technique of its contributors?

The Cartoon Utopia , and Simon Hanselmann Megahex discuss the advantages and challenges of the format. Moderated by Abraham Reisman. I 'member. Oh—Reptar was on Rugrats, 'member him? They can influence everything from the products we wanted in our lunchboxes, to the figurines on the mantles of our first homes or apartments, to the shirts we buy for our own children and grandchildren.

There are classic characters that have endured for decades, such as the Flintstones and Scooby-Doo. There are movies and shows, like My Little Pony, Transformers, and Care Bears, that are known as much for their merchandise as their sequels and reboots. April Fugett, ph. Specific traits that are associated with over nostalgia-inducing characters and their associated rankings will be reviewed.

Publishers Weekly: New Publishers, New Plans has seen a crop of new and rebranded comics publishers appear, with innovative lineups of both periodicals and graphic novels. From bold start-ups to new imprints at established houses, new publishers with new ideas are making their presence known. All the rules are out the window. Publishers Weekly' s senior news editor Calvin Reid and a panel of publishers will host a frank talk on where comics are going and how they need to change. Supernatural Steampunk Take a walk on the dark side of Steampunk as these panelists discuss the wealth of supernatural-inspired novels, TV, and movies complete with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, mummies, and more!

Although many are based on actual Victorian spiritualism and superstition, you'll discover there is a lot more to these traditionally evil miscreants and villains than meets the eye. Batgirl is a cultural icon due to her intelligence, moral centeredness, and emotional resilience. Clinical psychologist Dr.

Joining the discussion will be DC talents including Cecil Castellucci Female Furies, Batgirl , Brenden Fletcher Batgirl, Isola , and others who have envisioned the heroine's adventures for fans of comics and animation. The d20 Dames: Building Inclusive Gaming Adventures for All Are you ready to move past the pre-gen table top adventures and build a nightmare landscape or delicious pie-scape for your friends? These panelists are here to help! Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender, and the Comic Book Medium Women in Comics Collective International is an organization that highlights the merit and craftwork of women and nonbinary people in the comic book industry.

They host events around the country, including their own Women in Comics convention. In this installment of their ongoing panel series, they discuss how they maintain their career longevity within an ever-changing industry while ushering in a new generation of creators who will help broaden the scope of the comic book medium as a whole.

Panelists include Eisner Award—winning artist Alitha E. Martinez, comic book historian and English professor Dr. Sawyer, the coordinator and founder of the Women in Comics Collective International. After all, accidents do happen. How often do they happen in real life? What are the potential effects? What are the wildest, scariest, or most serendipitous accidents these panelists have been involved with? What's the secret to a successful adaptation that preserves the essence of the original while taking advantage of the new medium?

Through example and practice, this panel empowers and harnesses the potential of fans and creators to communicate and inspire social good. Starting with a guided audiovisual tour of POC writer-director Andres Useche' s collaborations with artist-activists like Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Woody Harrelson, and Jennifer Aniston as well as leaders like Barack Obama, the presentation will dig into how everyone, including underrepresented and oppressed folks, have taken a stand for themselves and for others. Learn about how comics, films, and transmedia can engage others and voice your calls for social and environmental justice, equality, and diversity.

Comic Creator Connection San Diego Comic-Con is proud to once again host the Comic Creator Connection, a fast-paced networking event that puts writers and artists together to help them meet potential new creative partners. Here's how it works: Writers and artists will sit down across from each other at a table artists meaning pencillers, inkers, colorists, etc. Then, in 5-minute sessions, you will talk one-on-one with each other about your ideas and skills. At the end of each 5-minute period, you will get up and move on to the next person. If you're interested in furthering the conversation, you can exchange contact information.

If not, then politely move on. Think of it as speed-dating, but for writers and artists! Pipe A young girl living on the fringe of a bombed-out town finds a dead body washed up on the beach, but other people have plans for it, bringing hell down on her and her father's heads. Celebrating 40 Years of Alien Take a deep dive into the origins of Alien and its fandom with documentary director Alexandre O. Trailer debut from the Memory documentary will be shown. Galactus fighting a Latin American hero?

Drawing with Karl Kopinski Karl Kopinski will demonstrate the use of both traditional and digital media for creative illustrations. Digital comics distribution is the most cost effective way to get your material in front of a worldwide audience. Someone will create a way to exploit this market and change the comics industry forever. The Anatomy of Choreographing Action in Film This all-star panel features a hands-on approach to making awesome fight sequences for videos and films.

Francis Kong. Come see why millions of people love these four lifelong friends and comedians who have turned their hidden-camera TV show into a global sensation. Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal have sold out worldwide tours, their very own cruise festival back for a 4th year , a feature film in the can, tons of merchandise including a mobile game, action figures, and Halloween costumes , and a new TV game show on TBS called The Misery Index.

John Gertz president Zorro Productions, Inc. From the development of the new Zorro movie, to The Mark of Zorro Art Archive, to the ongoing comic book adventures from American Mythology, this panel is celebrating years of the Masked Avenger! Black Panther. This is a great opportunity for attendees interested in the voice-acting profession to get firsthand advice and experience from the pros in an intimate yet dynamic setting.

You will learn directly from some of the best voice actors and directors in the world and also get some inside information on how to break in and what the industry is really like. A truth not-so-universally acknowledged: Kids love spooky weird things. And since life is often more complicated for kids than we realize, what does darker fare mean for them? What do media that let kids explore the complicated or creepier things in life help them understand and what stories could we be telling more of?

How can we be more inclusive and find hope amid the darkness? Swipe Right for Superheroes Would you date a superhero, villain, anime character, or show protagonist? Let the Ready Set Geek! Alix Catherine host, Ready Set Geek! Abbott Park, IL. Highland Heights O. Bothell, WA. Lambert, Programmer Carlsbad, CA. Warren, New Jersey. Sausalito, CA. Consultants Sunrise, Florida. Belmont, CA. Libertyville, IL. South Plainfield N. Chicago Illinois. Johnston, Iowa. Arlington, VA. Milpitas, CA. Birmingham, AL.

Melville, New York. Consulting, Inc. Canton, Ohio. Acton, MA. New York, New York. Grapevine, Texas. Beaverton, Oregon. Sulphur, Louisiana. Herndon, Virginia. New Hartford, NY. Little, Inc. Washington, DC. Marietta, Georgia. Cambridge, MA. Redmond, WA. Memphis, Tennessee. Beverly Hills, CA. Burnaby, BC. Mountain View, CA. Carlsbad, CA. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lexington, MA.

Houston, Texas. Dallas, Texas. Halbert-Individual McLean, Virginia. Grand Ledge, MI. La Jolla, CA. Madison, Wisconsin. Kybern Austria. Kokomo, Indiana. Ann Arbor, MI. Willimantic, CT. Darlington South C. Boulder, Colorado. Nashua, NH. San Jose, CA. Bristol, PA. Westboro, MA.

McLean, Virginia. Silver Springs, MD. Dayton, Ohio. Burlington, MA. Sterling, Virginia. Reston, Virginia. Toronto, Ontario. Bergenfield, NJ. Austin, Texas. Westford, MA. Bohemia, New York. Burlington Mass. Apopka, Florida. Sunnyvale, CA. Thousand Oaks, CA. Kansas City, MO.

Upper Montclair NJ. Livonia, Michigan. North Carolina. Hollywood, Florida. General Systems Secto Arlington Heights. Schaumburg, IL. Anaheim, CA. Columbia, MD. Phoenix, Arizona. Redondo Beach, CA. Chicago, Illinois. ANL A Germany. San Juan Capistran. Wilmington, MA. Plano, Texas. Marlboro, MA. Rolling Hills Esta. Santa Clara, CA. Seattle, WA. Goodlettsville, TN. Trenton, NJ. Cupertino, CA. Servici Argentina. Miami, Florida. Sepulveda, CA. Alameda, CA. Annapolis, MD. W Capitol, RM. Long Beach, CA. Fairfield, Iowa.

Philadelphia, PA. Blue Bell, PA. Arlington Heights. Basalt, Colorado. Campbell, CA. Atlanta, Georgia. Warwick, New York. Annandale, VA. Auburn, Maine. Mableton, Georgia. Waltham, MA. Melrose Park, IL. Gary, Indiana. Danvers, MA. Huntsville, AL. Morris Plains, NJ. Santa Monica, CA. Edison N J. Jacksonville, FL. West Fargo, ND. Helens Software Beaverton, Oregon. Englewood, NJ. Barrington, IL. Barton Irving, Texas.

Emeryville, CA. Burbank, CA. Boston, MA.

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Rutland, Vermont. Laguna Hills, CA. Research Triangle. Health Care Systems B C. Cardiff, CA. West Hill, Ontario. Glen Burnie, MD. Los Altos, CA. Calgary Alberta Ca. Irvine, California. Ca USA.

Capatto Argentina. Berthold AG Germany. Bowling Green, OH. Ithaca, New York. Ft Lauderdale, FL. Foster City, CA. Woodridge, IL. H Ltd. Chippewa Falls, WI. Brooklyn, New York. Blessum, M. Woodside, CA. Medway, MA. Montgomery, AL. Redwood City, CA.

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Fairfax, Virginia. Biomedical Syst Kansas. Infor Germany. Gaithersburg, MD. Anehiem, CA. Bolton, MA. Scotts Valley, CA. Hanover, MA. Cleveland Oh. Cleveland, Ohio. Ridgefield, CT. Plainville, CT. Engineerin Columbia, SC. Falls Church, VA. Allentown, PA. Technologies, Inc. Berkeley, CA. Vienna, Virginia.

Aloha, Oregon. Peoria, Illinois. Tucson, Arizona. Macon, Georgia. Beverton, Oregon. Lewisport, KY. Burlingame, CA. New Haven, CT. State University, Dept. Stow, MA. East Amherst, NY. Palo Alto, CA. Mukilteo, WA. Minneapolis, MN. Salisbury Mass. Markham, Ontario. Camp St Louis, Missouri. Carrollton, Texas. Lake Success, NY. Annapolis Junction. Casimir Parish Wisconsin. Piscataway, NJ. Newtown, PA. Coppell, Texas. Mclean, Virginia. Phila, PA. DeLand, Florida. West Vancouver, BC. Burnsville, MN. Columbus, Indiana. Renton, Washington. West Chester, PA.

West Des Moines IA. Chandler, Arizona. Hollywood, CA. Kirkland, WA. Champaign, IL. Laurel, MD. Scho Pittsburgh, PA. Exactas Quimicas y Naturales Posadas Misiones. Platt Round Rock, Texas. Schafer Associates Timonium, MD. Pasadena, CA. Cape Elizabeth, ME. Telephone Canada. Wayne, PA. New York City, NY. Nashville, TN. Merrimack, NH. Berkeley, Illinois. Englewood, CO. Portland, Oregon. Chelmsford, MA. Tinton, New Jersey.

Troy, Michigan. Spokane, WA. Arlington, Texas. Schneider Structural Engineeri Omaha, Nebraska. Orangeburg, NY. Newtonville, MA. Santa Barbara, CA. Etna, NH. Largo, Florida. Hayward, CA. Tallahassee, FL. Methodist Homes Oakland, CA. New Hope, MN. Coral Gables, FL. Stockton, CA.

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