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Yes, as you go on to propose, it is a clarity issue. This creates a number string, with no clear explanation as to the differences between them. Online research abounds with examples in wich individuals assume that is the volume, 48 is the page, and is the entry no. The opportunity for confusion is even greater in this example: while most new researchers can understand "Marriage Records, ," there are many who have never encountered the concept of "Dockets" and simply don't know what's going on.

Throughout EE, where there is a likelihood that a reader of a citation might not understand that a number in a string represents a volume number, EE specifies "vol. However, there are instances in which we definitely should be precise. In those situations, we should use the exact wording that is stamped on the cover or spine and put that wording in quotation marks. EE's index, under titles: of registers The discussions appear in different portions of the book because they are attached to examples of different types of records. Thank you for the detailed reply and wonderful discussion.

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It's very thought provoking and very much appreciated. From a clarity standpoint, do you feel that there is a difference between "for" vs. An example of each I was just curious your thoughts on this. It's another situation where there seems to be examples of both in EE. I even noticed one where the order was different. From 9. This would lead to While I'm sure there is a reason for the difference, I'm not sure that I see it. Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again. Also, I meant to mention that all of the county certificate copies, located in the respective Register of Deeds offices, do in fact have NC state info at the top, as you can see in the example that I posted. I assume these were preprinted forms that were sent to the counties by the state.

Safe assumption? Or no? What I am not certain of the process by which these records were created. I assume the original from the hospital, doctor, midwife, etc. After posting this, I read page 90, section 2. As per this section, would it be correct to add a colon between "Vital Statistics" and "Births" to clarify title and subtitle? That doesn't work so well with citations, so I'm moving back to level 1 and repeating the essential details of your query.

Citations seem to divide people into two camps: those who love rules and those who hate them.

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Citing sources in a citation sentence follows the basic writing rules as writing a sentence. That means: each time use something, we choose the words and punctuation that most clearly conveys the circumstances.


That means: there can be variation from one to the next, depending upon the particular circumstances. If you're an IT engineer, trying to create a nonvariable template you have my sympathies.

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That's why basic citation software doesn't try to deal with the complex manuscript sources that history researchers use! You illustrate with these two options:. Using EE examples, here, we might compare these three variations:. Ottawa County, Ohio, Record of Births, vol. QuickCheck Model p.

In examples 2 and 3, we don't have a simple string of parallel items that can be conventionally separated by commas. Choosing words that describe the situation is a better option than using a formulaic punctuation mark. You ask why the sequence of details is different from the basic Montgomery County example that you first presented—specifically, the record typ e is stated after personal name s and date, rather than before.

The difference goes back to the idea that writing citation sentences follows the same basic rules as writing ordinary sentences. One of those is this:. When we have a string of items in a series and one of them is longer and more complicated than the others, we list the short and simple items first.

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Then we deal with the longer, more-complex item. In the Leake County example, the book:page, personal name s , and year are all simple items that can be simply stated. However, that marriage book contains a variety of item types and not all items are provided therein for every couple. Also, the fact that original signatures appear in the bound volume definitely needs to be noted.

Therefore, when we itemize and explain what is provided for this couple, we state the short and simple items first. Thank you for the detailed reply. Your input has been both enlightening and edifying, and is sincerely appreciated. Also, you are likely correct regarding my fondness of clear-cut rul I mean Main navigation.

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  • Log in or register to post comments views. Forums Citation Issues. Source List Entry North Carolina. Randolph County. Birth Certificates. Ohio's federal cemeteries include:. The above ambrotype portrait is of Robert Niesel of Cincinnati, Ohio in military uniform at approximately 22 years of age. Who will you find? And what will you learn about them during your research journey? Want to learn where someone was buried? What their military-related occupation was? Their date of death, burial, or even where their relative s lived? However, they are by no means all-inclusive. Each card includes fields for the following items: soldiers name, residence, death date, cause of death, date of burial, date of birth, place of birth, name of cemetery, location of cemetery, lot number, type of grave marker, name of relative, address of relative, and military service record war served in, date enlisted, date discharged, serial number, branch of service, rank, company, outfit, or ship name.

    However, very few of these cards include all of this information. The majority of them include only the soldiers name, birth date, death date, and cemetery information. The entries for Civil War soldiers, in most cases, also include the military service record. Information incorrect or incomplete? Remember, these cards are part of a historical collection. Additional probate records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Montgomery County, Ohio Genealogy Probate Records in online catalogs like:. Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites.

    In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. Put your town name in the top search box. Additional tax records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Montgomery County, Ohio Genealogy Tax Records in online catalogs like:. Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records.

    Although Ohio enacted a statute in requiring registration of births, deaths and marriages, many counties did not comply. A second law was written in but, again, was not always followed. By , the law was more clearly defined and kept. Any existing birth and death records from through December 19, are located at the Montgomery County, Ohio Genealogy Probate Court.

    The Ohio Department of Health has birth records filed after December 20, and death records filed after January 1, while the Ohio Historical Society houses death records from December 20, through December 31, See also How to order Ohio Vital Records or order vital records electronically online. Additional vital records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Montgomery County, Ohio Genealogy Vital Records in online catalogs like:. Family History Library. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. United States.

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