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I wanted to generate some excitement and, truth be told, I wanted to learn instagram and this seemed to be a great way to quickly jump into it. BUT, what I can tell you is that many of my readers have uploaded their photos on the Facebook stream with the xanaduquest hashtag. I even got a review in, so I have to think this is a successful contest so far.

I may use my regular FB page mid February for one last push for folks who might not have remembered to enter. You can even join in and comment on TV cable shows using a to track what is being said. Great post. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Thank you. Yes the cabinets are all made from particle board, but not every component of the IKEA kitchen system is as well. Many of the doors, gables, deco strips, etc are all made from MDF.

Which is worth noting, because these are often the pieces that could get dinged up, potentially requiring replacement. So far the Ikea kitchen has been a nightmare. We have spent an enormous amount of time , emailing going back in person and on the phone to no avail. The people in the store are completely friendly but we keep getting crazy items that have nothing to do with our order and in each shipment a small number of things of things we need.

We now have a garage full of mirrors and an unfinished kitchen. This does sound like a rough go around, I can understand your frustration. It seems as though people have far more issues with customer service, than the actual products themselves. Unfortunately, customer service including subcontracted delivery is very dependent on the store. I was also contemplating putting in an Ikea kitchen but was told many times they are made of inferior materials — ie particleboard not MDF. Why did you say the cabinets were MDF?

Hi Lisa — yes thank you for pointing this out. It has been corrected now.

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That being said, the particle board contains a laminated layer on top thus hopefully preventing the entry of moisture. Im not sure how everyone uses their cabinets, but it would take a serious amount of moisture to ruin a cabinet if the laminated layer is in tack. If the laminated layer has been compromised, then this would be a different issue.

Much like anything else we purchase today, how one treats and maintains it has a lot to do with its longevity. I am remodeling a bathroom and was thinking of getting the IKEA kitchen cabinets. Have you ever used them in a bathroom? Do you think they would work in a bathroom? Thanks for the question! I have never used them in a bathroom, but I do know several people who have. There is no reason they would not work as long as you remember a few key points.

First, they are slightly deeper than a typical bathroom vanity. This means using kitchen countertops or measured stone countertops. Second, you will need to get creative with height. This would leave you with either a very small kick underneath the cabinet, or a slightly taller vanity. Wow, how incredibly helpful and insightful this was. I understand the appliances were not bought through Ikea, and I would honestly take the same route as I have some brand loyalty to a few appliance brands. I love seeing people excited to tackle new challenges. Before I get into costs, keep in mind location can have an impact.

This kitchen was on the larger side of our remodels, therefore costs increased as well. When you include the custom island millwork, sink, faucet, hardware, etc. Appliances can obviously vary quite extensively in price as well. Kitchen remodels are one of the harder DIY projects, but the rewards and personal satisfaction are unparalleled!

I recently brought a IKEA kitchen, and my experience has been extremely negative.

My recommendation is that it is better to stay with the old kitchen, or have no kitchen — that to order a IKEA kitchen. IKEA kitchen distribution is outsourced to DPD, which has a outgoing message about people being upset and not to get angry with staff. IKEA had the audacity to deliver parts in damaged boxes, and then said phone here. Then started a never ending story of damaged boxes with damaged parts, and undamaged boxes with damaged parts in side.

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Sometimes the parts were the wrong colour. My wife is Swedish, and was naturally upset and concerned about these failures. However, she was fobbed off in Sweden and nobody wanted to know. As a result of the above, my kitchen installers have been laid off, and the kitchen floor and new carpets have had to be rescheduled. IKEA refuses to contact you by phone if you are out of the UK, and will not communicate with your kitchen installers. My property is a rental property, and I do not live at the premises.

Hi Peter- This does seem to be a recurring theme. We are in the midst of an Ikea kitchen remodel, and I would just echo the last few comments about the subcontractors that Ikea uses for design and installation. My husband and I are not handy people. I was the one who spent the most time on the phone with the online planner not someone who actually came out in person , and was most familiar with our plan.

We went to the store and successfully purchased our items with the help of an Ikea employee. We made a few small additional changes in the store. Then our planner went on vacation, and we had a difficult time getting the installation scheduled while he was out. I tried to share it with them, including an email where I outlined all of the changes that were made after my last call with their planner.

I thought we had resolved these issues and scheduled the installation. The actual installers were fabulous! They were a pleasure to work with, kept everything as clean and tidy as possible, and asked questions if they thought something seemed amiss. However, what became clear by the end of the installation process was that they had been given an old version of our kitchen plan, and a few of the cabinets were not configured as they should have been.

They also had us running to Ikea three times in the space of four days to pick up extra items that they said were missing from our order, but in the end it turns out they were only missing because they were using the wrong plan. We live in the Seattle area, and as others have mentioned, making a trip to IKEA can be a very long drive in traffic.

I sent an email to the installation subcontractor, who seems to be based in Denver, the day after our installers finished their work. This was three days ago, and I still have not heard back from them. I feel that not only was there poor communication between the corporate headquarters of the subcontractor and the actual people doing the installation, but also between Ikea and the subcontractor.

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The materials are great, but as you stated earlier, the customer service definitely leaves something to be desired. IKEA and installers, Traemand, have made error upon error for 1. Timeline: 1. IKEA deleted my kitchen plan. The cabinet delivery truck turned around and left without notice. Next delivery had the wrong cabinets. Kitchen specialist returned to draw-up new plan. Delivered new floor plan cabinets. Truck came to pu wrong cabinets. Installers arrived but appeared impaired high, drunk?

Installation company sent out a representative to look at botched installation. I requested a meeting my daughter was also present. My daughter accompanied me. They blamed me! Thanks for posting. I only wanted new doors to spruce up our existing kitchen, but he says are doors are not the standard size listed on the website. Am I really the only one who had hopes to just change out doors and bam get a new kitchen without a total Reno?

Is this not possible? Granted a professional kitchen would cost upwards of 50k… but come one on i just wanted to change the doors lol! So sick of this orange maple! Hi Sylvie — One option to completely change the look of the kitchen is to get it professionally painted the cabinetry that is. Can hinge be adjusted?

Which is the best way to clean the cabinets. Especially over the stove. Is there a touch up paint? Hi Deborah- the hinges can be adjusted by the set screws with a phillips screwdriver. These are the only 2 screws not involved in mounting the hinges to the cabinet frame. I find the best way to clean is just with soap and water.

As for touch up paint, a few third party companies sell options depending on finish. Awesome article and super informative. Hi Heather, Yes, you are correct. I found when I was explaining that to people, it became more confusing. What is your opinion on using IKEA kitchen cabinets in the bathroom? I understand it voids the warranty. However their bathroom line is very limited and not spacious.

I have plenty of empty space in my bathroom and need more storage. They talk about the foil on the bathroom being vertical to increase its durability in the bathroom but there is no information on the foil process for the kitchen. Despite this special feature the bathroom cabinets only have a 10 year warranty to the kitchens The bathroom cabinetry is also cheaper but just not the storage capacity I need. Or the color selection. I do know of others who have and they have not had any issues thus far. Like anything else, it will all come down to how it is treated and cared for.

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Good luck! I do plan to have a friend sign up for the task of shipping me any parts that are missing or damaged but I also plan to triple check my order. Thank you! I would love to hear about how your project goes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Blog DIY. Why an IKEA kitchen? IKEA cabinets are completely modular and with some creative thinking it is astonishing how adaptable they really are when it comes to design. Flexibility : As I mentioned above, IKEA cabinets can be installed in many different ways, giving you an incredible level of flexibility for an off-the-shelf cabinet system.

This also means that should you get tired of your cabinet doors in 10 years, or one of your drawer fronts gets ruined, it is easy to switch them out for new ones. How is the quality of IKEA kitchen cabinets? So what is the quality of IKEA cabinets really like? IKEA uses high-quality hardware In general, kitchen drawers take the largest amount of abuse in our homes. What are IKEA cabinets made of? IKEA cabinet box The main body of IKEA cabinets, called the cabinet box, are all made with 2 materials: Particle board for the core Laminated veneer for the outer surface Yes, particle board is a cheaper material.

IKEA cabinet door and drawer fronts IKEA cabinet door and drawer fronts are purchased separately from the cabinet boxes another perk to the flexibility of the system. Typically they are solid wood for the frames with a wood veneer on particle board for the panel itself. These typically consist of an MDF base with a thermofoil finish.

These are bright cabinets with a glossy paint applied directly to a fiberboard center. Glass or metal. On occasion, these contain some particle board; however, the majority of their appearance is glass or metal. How to take your IKEA kitchen cabinets to the next level: This is where you can start taking your overall design to the next level.

Deco strips If you are planning on installing under cabinet lighting, be sure your order includes deco strips. IKEA kitchen organization Have you ever went out looking for a cutlery organizer only to find they are too small or too large for your drawer? A little patience goes a long way. We also have 4 artificial colors do you really think your cat cares about color?? For the best prices why not order on Chewy. Grains top 3 ingredients, including corn as top 2, very poor animal protein sources, beef tallow , high use of salt , animal digest , artificial colors, brewers yeast.

Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soybean meal , meat and bone meal, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols source of Vitamin E , oceanfish meal, turkey by-product meal, phosphoric acid , salt , brewers dried yeast , animal digest , potassium chloride , tetra sodium pyrophosphate , choline chloride , calcium carbonate , taurine , L-Lysine monohydrochloride, zinc sulfate , ferrous sulfate , added color Red 40 , Blue 2 , Yellow 5 , Yellow 6 , glyceryl monostearate, L-Alanine, manganese sulfate , vitamin supplements E, A, B , D-3 , niacin , copper sulfate , calcium pantothenate , thiamine mononitrate , riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride , folic acid , citric acid , calcium iodate , biotin , menadione sodium bisulfite complex source of Vitamin K activity , sodium selenite.

I used to buy premium until I read this. What a scam the pet food industry is. This is the only cat food I have found that my four cats do not throw up. So I buy it for them and they are all healthy and I am extremely happy. Of course I have tried them all thinking exactly like the writer above that it is no good but I cannot argue with my cats. They eat it and it stays down and they are happy. I would also add that I have found that all of the so called natural products out there that cost a fortune have one thing in common that Kit and Kaboodle does not have.

Just search for the cat food product recalls and I am sure you will find the cat food you are wasting your money on somewhere on the list. I was amazed when I saw the recall list. Oh yeah that buffalo meat was one of the worst ones. Google and find out for yourself. I have come to the opinion that the posters who knock this food are working for one of those product knocking groups who pay people to publish negative reviews in exchange for items or money. My cat got Pancreatitis from eating Origen even though I gave hime exactly the amounts they recommended.

It is very high in fat. Hi Cuyana, sorry for the delay in replying. Cats are slightly autistic and fail to recognise a new food as food. I bought this food for my 5 cats about 3 weeks ago. I first noticed a problem a few days after starting it. So I assumed the diarrhea they were all showing now was from that. I have called the vet and pulled all their food he will be going tomorrow to the vet for tests and medication.

I pray he pulls through. I am heart broken. My cat has a allergy to green food dye. He has been eating this for a year now and is perfectly healthy! I do want to switch it up to give him something a little different rather than the same thing all the time does anyone have any suggestions to a food that is Chicken flavored without Green?

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Only the worst foods contain food colourings or dies of any sort. Opinions on that brand?? I bought this food because the store was out of my brand and I bought a huge bag. Suddenly I start finding cat puke all over my house. I have 4 inside and one of my kittens Has been very lethargic.