Palm beach county jail booking records

These facts typically include:.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's office pulls booking blotter

In truth, the threshold for probable cause is pretty low, because the police can almost always come up with some way a person appeared to have been violating a traffic rule. As a driver, you may be accused of possessing any marijuana found in your vehicle. You may have a defense against the charge if can demonstrate you had no knowledge the marijuana was there.

The police will assume that you exercised control over any marijuana found in your car. Anything you discuss with your criminal defense lawyer is confidential. The more your lawyer understands about what you knew about the presence of the pot, and understood was going on before, during, and after the police found it, the better chance you have of finding a defense to a marijuana possession charge.

Your future and your freedom could depend on it.

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For skilled, diligent, tough criminal representation in Palm Beach, contact Meldon Law online or by phone at The sooner you contact us, the better your chances of protecting your rights. Thank you! The Staff and Mr.

Meldon were very understanding, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were there for me and actually listened to me. Note that all incoming mail must come via the U. The jail administration reserves the right to check all incoming or outgoing mail for contraband. Inmates need commissary fund to buy products or services from the commissary store.

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  • The kiosk machine accepts cash, credit, and debit card deposit. If you access either national or state-based sex offender database, you will find relevant information regarding all registered sex offenders.

    Inmate Locator

    All these criminals have been charged with a sexual offense against a victim or a minor. According to the law, a sex offender is someone who has been convicted of or has pleaded guilty to a sex crime including rape, statutory rape, child pornography, and incest. A sex crime is an illegal act, which refers to violent sexual conduct against a person.

    You can locate any sex offender at Palm Beach County Jail by going through the following link.

    Search Palm Beach County arrests and inmates | inspectadate

    Florida Sex Offender Search. Bear in mind the search result will display the primary addresses or block of the sex offenders where they are currently living on. You have to accept a disclosure to access information from the database. Bailing an inmate out of Palm Beach County Jail is possible by posting the bail money to the court.

    Crime in Palm Beach County

    Typically, a bail is a form of property, which can be in cash or collateral. It is set according to the bail schedule of the court. The court will decide how much money one should pay as charges for the crime they have committed.