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If speaker "pops in" then polarity is incorrect, and your speaker wires need to be reversed. It may be necessary to purchase an adapter or rewire your vehicle.

For further options please contact technical support by email, via live chat or by phone at Speaker output wires cannot be connected together. Connect one voice coil negative to the other voice coil positive. Then connect ONE speaker output to the remaining positive and negative. Installation FAQ. User's Manuals. How To Videos. How To Articles.

Under-performance, such as no high frequencies or bass, is a sure sign of a blown speaker. Tip : Make sure that each one is right in the middle of the range. Otherwise, the lack of sound may come from the settings rather than a problem with the speaker. Tip : Touch the large speakers to see if you feel any vibrations.

This tells you they are working actively. Smaller speakers may not create vibrations even when they are working. Part 2 of 2: Inspect the speakers Materials Needed Battery 9-volt Multimeter tester Once you have identified which speaker or speakers are having issues, you can check them further with a multimeter. Step 1: Disconnect the speaker. Unscrew the speaker from its mount. Tip : A typical multimeter usually measures voltage , current , and resistance.


Attach the multimeter to each terminal of the speaker where the wires attach. Replace a speaker that has a large tear or hole. Tip : Check all of your speakers at the same time so that you can identify any issues correctly and replace them all at once, if necessary. Extensive damage may mean you need to replace your entire speaker system. Next Step Schedule Car radio is not working Inspection The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Car radio is not working Inspection. Home Articles.

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How do I adjust the sound? Your audio system is customizable so that it can sound best to your ears, and for your music. To adjust the sound, follow these steps: 1. Press the audio button until it displays the setting you wish to adjust. Bad radio in this truck, is there an easy fix? Thank you for writing in with this question.

This is a well-known problem for and Tacoma models. While the TSB calls for replacement of How do I rewind or fast forward a song on the CD player? Rewinding or fast forwarding a song could not be easier. Simply press and hold FF to fast forward, or RW to rewind. Release the button when you reach the part of the song you want to listen to. Recent Car radio is not working Inspection reviews. Excellent Rating. The reading should be 0 Ohms or no resistance. This indicates everything is working as it should. If you receive any other reading, there could be an issue with your multimeter.

It might be time to invest in a new multimeter before proceeding forward.

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Touch the two probes of the multimeter to the bare speaker wires of the circuit. If your multimeter shows infinite resistance, then there is a break or cut somewhere along the wire. This indicates that it is time to replace your wire.

If the cable displays a small amount of resistance, everything is working fine inside the speaker wire, and you have other sound issues. For a quick illustration on testing a speaker wire with a multimeter, check out this video —. If you find that the wiring works well, you could have an issue with the speaker itself. An easy test can be performed with a 9-volt battery.

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Do not keep the 9-volt battery connected to your speaker for any extended amount of time. This could lead to damage to the speaker. Always perform a physical inspection of your multimeter before usage. To help keep the multimeter in good shape, always store your probes and unit in a protective case while not in use.

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Also, you need to test the probes. There should be no physical damage, and all the connections should be secure. You can run your fingers across the probes to feel for damaged insulation. This cannot be repaired and will require you to purchase new probes. It is important that you never use a multimeter that has damage to the probes. It is possible to face an electrical shock when working with any component that uses electricity. While it might not always be severe, it is something you need to be aware of.

Here are some steps you can take to minimize your chances of electrical shock. It is always best to be safe when working around equipment that could hurt you. Most issues with your speakers and speaker wires can be easily fixed. Grab your multimeter and test your speaker wiring as this tends to be a common problem.

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