Decoding 1970 monte carlo vin number

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Da VIN Code: Deciphering the Vehicle Identification Number

Find Us On Remember Me. Forgot Password Forgot your password? Please consider supporting Decode This. Get Vehicle History Report. Basic Model Year Make Chevrolet. Series Monte Carlo.

Decode Your Chevrolet VIN Code

Trim Level Coupe. Origin United States.

Production Axle Type Semifloating. Weight lbs.

Doors 2. Body Maker Fisher. Model Number Front Brake Size 11 in. Emergency Brake Rear service brakes. Brake Size 9. Service Power front disc rear self-adjusting drum. Oil 4 qt. The VIN is the legal and most accurate representation of the car. This will tell a lot of information about the car itself, where it was built, what model it is and what engine originally came in the car generally or specifically after It is used to identify when the car was built and how the car body was originally fitted out, what type of seats, colors, etc By decoding these items, you can gather a lot of information about your car as well as check the originality of a car.

Decoding Your Chevelle’s Vin Code

This is especially helpful if you are checking out a "numbers matching" car where the asking price is usually higher. If any item appears to be amiss, you should be VERY skeptical of the originality of the car. However, in some cases, legitimate changes could have been made warranty work, production assembly line substitution, etc Most of this information pertains to the Chevrolet Camaro.

Please note - this site is heavily slanted towards Chevrolet decoding with an emphasis on Camaros. Decoding other cars is similar but don't be surprised if you find an omission here or there. In extreme cases where you have doubts about the validity of the VIN affixed to the vehicle i.

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This number will be stamped on the last substantial thing that'll get destroyed during the cars life. The theory is - if the firewall is destroyed, the whole car is gone. You won't accidentally fix and alter or obliterate the confidential vin during the repair process - so these numbers will always match up. Here's the hidden vin on a Camaro. They are options. Options aren't coded in the VIN. This becomes somewhat useless after , but helpful again in The sequential number for the vehicle doesn't start at The Camaro generally starts at either or , depending on year and assembly plant.

This way if the plant is building 3 different vehicles, each vehicle line will be in a unique sequential range - Camaros at , Novas at , Impalas at , etc The first 10 or 20 cars are usually pilot cars and go to places other than dealers. The VIN on the Camaro is on a stainless steel plate rivited inside the drivers door jamb.

All other models have the VIN located on a plate visible through the windshield on the drivers side dash panel.

Decoding The Numbers

VIN info from - were in the same format. The VIN format in - changed. Other miscellaneous VIN information The following contains information which gives an example of what the various positions in a VIN stand for. Hatchback Coupe, 6-passenger 19 4 Dr. Sedan, 6-passenger 27 2 Dr.

Coupe or Notchback Coupe, 4 or 6-passenger 35 4 Dr. Station Wagon 37 2 Dr. Sport Coupe, 6-passenger 47 2 Dr. Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: The Firebird Nation. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Supporting Members do not see the above ads.

Please log in to reply. Posted 26 December - AM i was just wondering if anyone on here knew of a website i could go to to decode my vin on my car to see all the original equiptment, color, interior, true formula or not? This site decodes your build sheet if you have it. The engine will have the same last 6 of the vin if its a numbers matching block. Validating posts. You can tell where it was made, what car it is firebird, formula, trans am etc.