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Thread starter Vignesh Balakrishnan Start date Aug 24, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vignesh Balakrishnan Registered. Hello, there. From morning our domain user who are using Windows XP with Office are not able to send emails however they are able to receive all the incoming mail in their outlook.

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Then, tried reinstalling and re-configuring Outlook, profile etc.. I had a check with our service provider and they said, they have updated Cpanel from Please help me out to resolve this issue.

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Thanks in advance. Error Message.

Reactions: blackwidow Reactions: cPanelMichael. Hello, I'm glad to see the workaround helped. Thank you for updating us with the outcome. Apr 7, 91 5 I have created a ticket but would like to say this does NOT solve the problem, it solves the problem the first time i retry to send the message out but after that it stops working again. Hi ethical , Could you let us know the ticket number? Thank you. These 2 options were enabled by default in versions prior to Hi ozione , Thank you for updating this thread with the outcome of the support ticket.

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Note that for Windows 7, Microsoft created a patch to enable 1. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Please note: Outlook , and do not support animated GIFs. If you are using Animated Banners with Outlook , and you will not see the banner rotating.

However, other clients will see it rotating fine when you send it out. Send a test email to another client like Gmail or Hotmail to test. Other people within your company can use the same email signature - they just need to update the relevant content once installed. They can do this within the editor of any email client. Things like title and name are easy, just click into the signature and edit it in the editor.

The only slighly tricky thing is making sure the email addresses or any web links that need changing are updated by using the link feature the editor. Click on the cog icon to the very top right of your browser and select Options. Under the Layout menu select Email signature in the left column. Go to the web address that we have sent you for your online email signature.

Click 'Ctrl A' and then 'Ctrl C' on your keyboard this will select your signature and then copy it. Go back to your signature section in Outlook, click in the signature area and then click 'Ctrl V' this will paste in your signature. Make sure you check the check box that says 'Automatically include my signature on messages I send and then click Save. Now when you create new emails to send, your signature will automatically appear. You don't need to put anything into the signature, we are just doing it so that Outlook creates the files it needs. Click 'OK' and you are done.

You should see 3 files created for your signature MySignature. Rename the HTML file that we sent you in the zip folder to the name that matches your new signature name eg MySignature. Past the signature into your Signatures Folder to paste over the generated one by Outlook.

Make sure it was the same name.

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Click on 'Signature' and select your signature from the list. Your signature will now be added to your mail. From the menu select the 'Tools' drop down and select 'Options'.

Read old emails from Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird

Click 'Browse' , choose the file you saved earlier to your 'Desktop'. That should be it, when you send a new email the template should appear and be ready to type into. You can run a prompt in Windows to find your email signature folder.

Depending on the Windows version you have will depend on the prompt to run sometimes these may not work depending on your set up.