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There were no major differences in the results for all cancers combined excluding cervix and melanoma among women younger than 40 years and aged 40 years and older Table 4. The higher risk for breast cancer in the exposed group than in the unexposed group among women who were aged 40 years and older appeared to be due to a lower than expected rate of breast cancer in unexposed women.

The rate of breast cancer in exposed women aged 40 years and older was not elevated in comparison to the general population of women aged 40 years and older SIR, 0. There was no evidence for different effects by follow-up time data not shown. Only 1 cancer was diagnosed within 1 year of entry, 7 occurred between 1 and 4 years, and 75 cancers occurred at least 5 years after the date of entry.

Adjustment for level of education did not alter the risk estimate for all cancers combined RR, 0. Simultaneous adjustment for age at first live birth, ages at menarche and menopause, ever use of oral contraceptives, education, and cohort also did not affect the risk estimate for breast cancer RR, 1. To assess whether loss to follow-up may have biased the results, we performed the same analyses extending follow-up through December 31, , for all nonrespondents.

The rate ratios based on the comparison of exposed and unexposed daughters remained virtually unchanged using this approach. An analysis of mortality rates in the cohort found no excess mortality in the exposed group compared with the unexposed group from all causes combined RR, 1. The standardized mortality ratios for both the exposed and unexposed groups compared with population mortality rates were below 1.

This study found no overall increase in cancer incidence among a cohort of over women who had documented exposure to DES in utero and were followed for an average of 16 years beginning in Despite the solid linkage of in utero exposure to DES to risks of CCA of the vagina and cervix in case-control studies, 3 , 16 this is the first cohort study to document the relationship and thus the first with direct data on the absolute risks involved. All 3 cases occurred among the person-years accumulated by the cohort up through 29 years of age.

There were no cases in the person-years accumulated after 30 years of age. If we apply this rate of 1 per cases per year to the year time span when the vast majority of cases are diagnosed from age 15 through 29 years , then our estimate of the cumulative incidence rate becomes 1. This is at the upper end of the range of 1 per to 1 per estimated in and remarkably close to the rate of 1 per through 34 years of age estimated from population data in The lack of any cases in the cohort thus far older than 30 years is encouraging.

Herbst, MD, oral communication, November 10, , and there is major interest in evaluating risk when the cohort reaches their 50s and 60s, when CCA is most common in unexposed women.

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The effect of DES exposure on male offspring is still unknown. Animal studies have suggested an increased risk of testicular cancer and several case-control studies have attempted to assess this association, but results have been inconsistent. Indeed, several investigators have hypothesized that breast cancer risk in general may be associated with in utero exposure to elevated estrogen levels, 9 , 25 - 27 and some associations have been reported for variables that may reflect endogenous in utero estrogen levels, such as maternal age, twin status, and preeclampsia during the index pregnancy.

If the hypothesized relationship is due to estrogenicity itself, rather than to the chemical structure of the estrogen, then perhaps the best test of this hypothesis would be among women exposed in utero to the extraordinarily high levels achieved during DES treatment. Among the entire cohort, we found no evidence of an increased risk of breast cancer in women exposed to DES in utero. However, among women who were aged 40 years and older, there was a suggestion of a higher risk in the DES-exposed daughters compared with the unexposed daughters, but this result was not statistically significant and appeared to be due to a lower-than-expected rate of breast cancer among unexposed women in this age group.

Previous analysis of data from the DESAD study found no statistically significant difference in the prevalence of squamous cell lesions of the cervix in the DESAD cohort at their initial screening examination 28 but noted a 2-fold excess in the incidence of squamous cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN among exposed daughters at subsequent examinations. An important limitation of our study is the absence of pathology reports for many of the cervical lesions reported on the questionnaires, due either to lack of response by hospital pathology departments or to subjects' lack of consent for retrieval of medical records.

The pathology reports obtained showed poor agreement between the questionnaire and the pathologist's diagnosis. However, even when we included those reported cases of cervical cancer for which we did not obtain pathology reports, the risk in exposed women was not significantly elevated, either compared with SEER rates or with unexposed daughters. While the size of this group, the documentation of exposure, and the extent of data collection all make this a uniquely valuable cohort, it also has its limitations.

For purposes of this analysis, follow-up began in shortly after assembly of the component cohorts and when the median age of the subjects was 24 years. Thus, there was no opportunity to assess the risks of childhood malignancies. However, losses to follow-up were similar for exposed and nonexposed subjects. Also, when we extended the follow-up for lost subjects to the date of study completion, we found similar results to those that used individual dates of last follow-up. The major limitation, however, relates to the relatively young age of cohort members, leading to a limited expected number of specific cancers.

Thus, while no statistically significant excess was noted for any site except CCA, the wide CIs indicate that we cannot rule out potentially important increases in risk for any site. With respect to breast cancer, the observations to date relate to cancers occurring at a young age. Any influence of DES on breast cancer may only become discernible among those cases that occur in the more usual age range of the disease. This cohort study is the first to examine systematically the risk of all forms of cancer in a large group of DES-exposed daughters.

The results should reassure the DES-exposed population, since they confirm previous estimates that CCA is an uncommon occurrence and they also reveal no major excesses in risk of other types of cancer. Since the majority of women included in our study are currently younger than 50 years, it will be important to continue follow-up of the cohort to monitor cancer risk as the cohort ages. All Rights Reserved. Table 1. Table 2. Table 3. Table 4.

Artur Rynkiewicz - the last government minister in exile is dead

Estrogenic activity of certain synthetic compounds. Google Scholar. Diethylstilbestrol usage: its interesting past, important present, and questionable future. Med Clin North Am.

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Adenocarcinoma of the vagina: association of maternal stilbestrol therapy with tumor appearance in young women. N Engl J Med. Diethylstilbestrol, II: pharmacology, toxicology, and carcinogenicity in experimental animals. Eur J Cancer. Obstet Gynecol. Follow-up study of male and female offspring of DES-exposed mothers. A randomized double-blind controlled trial of the value of stilbestrol therapy in pregnancy: long-term follow-up of mothers and their offspring. By posting pictures of the visit to his gravesite - we connected through one of his brothers. Amazing that our prayers have been answered.

Thank you -Beth B. I came home for lunch yesterday and decided to look at my email before going back to work. I clicked on the link and the first search I did was for Woodruff, and Mamie was the first picture that came up. I could hardly stand it.

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I was late getting back to work. I had to add comments and write to you. Thank you for noticing her in the store and for the website. I can't help but wonder how many other family pictures may have ended up in that store and why. I also can't help but feel that it was meant to be and that there is a purpose that this picture is coming home as you say.

Rynkiewicz Last Name History & Origin

What are the chances of this all just happening? It's amazing that you even picked it up at the store and then went to all the extra effort to post it. It makes me feel as though you have been my friend forever. It certainly has given me a connection to you, and I have a love for what you do. I just can't tell you how excited I am. I can't even hold it in. I have previously submitted several pictures of my grandfather August Zemidat.

I have tried for many years to find anyone with that name, and I have searched many genealogy web sites to no avail. Recently I was contacted by someone who saw my pictures on AncientFaces who may well be a cousin. Considering the many years I have been searching for the name Zemidat, I find this is absolutely amazing that I have finally found a family member. Thank you AncientFaces -Ron D. I love AncientFaces, a while back I saw that you had labeled Garcia surname pictures.

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They were my great aunts and my great-grandmother! Thank you… -Angela M. I have loved AncientFaces since I first found it, it's the first thing I check when I turn on the computer. There was a time when even in the most modest households there were three cherished possessions, a family Bible. It was usual for the family to gather in the parlour, generally on Sunday and talk, tell stories of family and friends with the photos in the albums as illustration.

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Sadly in our modern electronic age we have fallen away from the oral tradition and interest in history has waned. I was quite shocked on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic to see so many comments from younger people who were surprised to learn that the Titanic wasn't just a movie. This is why AncientFaces is so important, to me it's the electronic age version of the oral tradition on a global scale and the sheer volume of people who follow, comment and contribute seems to prove the point. We are all grateful to you all for providing us with this wonderful site.

Stay connected. Login Sign-up Help. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement Terms of Service. Do you know the final resting place - gravesite in a cemetery or location of cremation - of Adam Stanley Rynkiewicz? Add burial and funeral information. View Adam Stanley Rynkiewicz's obituary. Adam Stanley Rynkiewicz lived 4 years shorter than the average Rynkiewicz family member when he died at the age of Add family members.

Add organizations, groups and memberships. Rynkiewicz family history. Add Adam's nationality. We sincerely wish to write to you that our dad John Renkiewicz deceased last week, on Thursday at eleven o'clock in the morning. Our dad has not been healthy for a few years. My dad told me to write to you and let you know when he is dead. Our dad had 8 girls and 4 boys.

Our mother had died three years ago around We thank God that my dad lived for so many years. May God give you all health, long life and blessings. Information about the Renkiewicz of Meriden and the surrounding area are on the Internet, even with email addresses, but unfortunately no one responds the messages. Certain members of the family did accept my invitation on Facebook, but did not enter a discourse.

More useful occurred to be contact made by my friend from the USA, also John Rynkiewicz, but with a different line. Several years ago I decided to help him find his family in Poland, which eventually succeeded. Ancestors of John come from the countryside Mscichy and Zebry near Grajewo. John Rynkiewicz launched an online family forum, which was visited by different Rynkiewicz. The company from Warsaw did look through Polish archives for appropriate metrics. They established one continuous history of the family Rynkiewicz, starting in The oldest revealed ancestor was Szymon Rynkiewicz, the oldest traces of whom were found in the village Wilkokuk in the parish Berzniki on Land Sejny.

Then the family moved among the Zlobin, Krasnopol and widely spread in the area. Some people emigrated to America. Probably the first of them was Feliks, born in in Zlobin, his parents: Jozef and Wiktoria Terlecki , then his brother Jozef born in , who was greatly deserved citizen for the community town of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Another person from the same family of Krasnopol was another Feliks born in Krasnopol, parents: Benedykt and Franciszka Kraszewska who married in America Michalina Cichocka in , the daughter of an emigrant from Jeziorki Male, a village located few miles from the Krasnopol. Today, their cousin Joe Cichocki from Texas effectively gathers the evidence of the family presence in America. The main character of this text, Jan Rynkiewicz arrived in America in the beginning of the 20th Century. In he married, and in obtained American citizenship and then took the legitimate dispositions relating to his real estates in Krasnopol. It was he who has sent packages to his relatives left behind in Poland.

Detailed genealogical line is not generally available, because such a condition - I hope temporarily - has been made by the project sponsor. I'm obviously in its possession. I maintain e-mail contact with John Latzo who quite rarely use the Internet. Many names, and a bit hard to follow when it is not one's own family! I notice that there are many entries of the name "Renkiewicz" on Ancestry.

If you are able to access the Pulbic Member Trees you can look under the "R's" and see what you find. Good Luck to your further research and finding of relatives, MaryAnne. Some or most of the info you have eluded too on Ancestry and other websites have been placed there either by myself or others who have been helping me with this research. However, as you and I both know, Ancestry and now www.

He did a wonderful job and produced many documents of and for my family. That list was published free of charge on the interent years ago by myself and is also on my Yahoo page. The Best, John J. John, Thank you for sharing the above information and especially the link to your family photos. It is always interesting to view the information that others have gathered on their family and to see the volume of information they have amassed.

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I always enjoy viewing the Old family photos and especially the ones that originated in Poland from years gone by! Thank you for sharing it all, MaryAnne. MaryAnne, You are very welcomed. Should you ever come across my surname s I would appreciate an email. Thank you. Descendants of Jan Renkiewicz Generation No. She died Bef. Mscichy, Poland Generation No.