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He got someone served today by using great investigative techniques on a person that we have tried to locate all over the place and I have had several different top investigators working on it. My client is beyond thrilled and this is really great. More Testimonials.

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Our staff must be licensed to conduct business here in this state and part of the background screening is to verify degrees listed on resumes. Once the individual found out that we would be checking he withdrew his name from consideration; when the report came back the reason was evident.

He had attended college 1 semester and had no degree.


Backgrounds Plus screens our temp force before they are offered a full time position with our company. As a result of this we have been able to make better hiring decisions based on the information provided by them. Backgrounds Plus was asked to locate a family member after many years of separation.

As a result we now have a complete family and the father of a wonderful lady is on the way to meet her in person after 30 years apart. As part of our background screening we ask Backgrounds Plus to verify education and licenses needed to fill the position we have advertised for.

Can a Pre-Employment Criminal Background Check for Misdemeanors?

It was helpful to learn that the necessary licenses in this state were not current. On her death bed my mother confessed to having had a child she gave up at birth. Because my sister had passed away at a young age I thought I had no other living relatives. Backgrounds Plus took on the challenge and after a number of months came back with the information that the young child had died within months of being adopted.

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Not the hoped for result but a resolution to the situation. Who a telephone number is listed to when it shows up multiple times on one of our outgoing lines and no one claims to have made the calls. We were about to hire a Credit Manager for our automotive company when we sent the release to do a background over to Backgrounds Plus. Not only had this individual filed bankruptcy several times but he had been using multiple social security numbers and names.

Our organization did not make him a job offer. New York — It was recently reported in the New York Post that over 6, city employees have not had background checks due to backlog. When employers conduct background checks, they are taking an important step to building the best team possible.

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The team will work together every day and will spend lots of time together. It takes a lot of effort to piecemeal a great team. Background checks help select and keep the best candidates.

When performing a background … read more. More Posts. Background Checks Background Screening for pre-employment or advancement got you buried?

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Understanding the Basics What is a Background Check? The Reasons for Conducting Background Checks Background checks in general can provide some enlightening information about a person. The Requirements When conducting background checks for any purposes, whether for employment, criminal, nanny services, etc. Run a social security trace or national identifier. Check the high school or college yearbook. Consider civil or criminal litigation. Review credit applications. Screening Link provides comprehensive background screenings services to companies nationwide.

By combining industry experience of over 20 years with the latest technology, our solutions deliver fast and accurate results.

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Screening Link offers a broad range of different types of background screenings, such as county, state and federal criminal searches, employment and education certifications, and other screenings like social security reports and motor vehicle reports to name a few. Our services are available as single searches or packages can be set up specifically for your company.

Our screening solutions are web based and provide organizations a scalable solution that works for companies of any size and addresses their diverse needs. Results are delivered electronically in easy-to-read and customizable reports. We pride ourselves on service and our flexibility to customize solutions to ensure you receive the information needed to make informed hiring decisions. Our international services include criminal background checks and verification of education and employment. We have access to records in more than countries across the globe and the knowledge of requirements that differ from country to country.

Sometimes, criminal history suggests minor charges on the applicant. However, in order to ensure that whether the applicant is suitable for hiring or not, a criminal history check needs to take place. It Avoids Liability. One day, he gets into a major accident on a busy road due to driving under an influence.

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The police arrest the driver and it turns out that he already had three DUIs in the past. From sex offenders to violent criminals, you just cannot take a risk of hiring them.

Caught Red-Handed: How Child Care Background Checks Show More Than Just Criminal History

But what if you do not run a background check and hire a violent criminal or sexual predator? It will compromise your workplace safety. Every employer knows that workplace safety is one of the top concerns and if it is compromised then there are chances that you will be held accountable for it. Job Competence is Important.