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Going to School? Planning Retirement? We can help! For anyone born in Utah since we can issue a certificate.

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We can quickly issue certificates for to the present. There are additional costs for birth certificates from and at this time. An application and valid identification is required. We can also issue other vital records documents.

Death Certificates

Call for more info. Vital Records The State of Utah began tracking birth and death records in Mother and Father must come in with a current ID to begin the process.

Birth Records

The declaration is then sent to the State to correct the birth certificate. The back side of a birth certificate is used as the affidavit to correct any errors that may exist on the birth certificate. Mother and father must come in with their current ID to fill out the affidavit and get it notarized to send to the State HD for correction. If father is not listed on the certificate, the mother and one of her immediate family members must come in. Death certificates for deaths that occurred before August 1, should be obtained from the county where the death occurred.

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We issue marriage and divorce certificates for those that occurred between and Box Farmington, Utah County Home. Vital Records. Home Vital Records.

For further information on any of these topics please call Utah Certificates are issued Monday thru Friday, am - pm. Accepted Identification List.

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Birth Certificate Information Birth certificates are available approximately 10 days after the child is born. Birth certificates for births anywhere in the state of Utah that have occurred from to the present may be obtained here.

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Utah County birth certificates are also available through this office back to