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California - Despite having some of the strictest smog laws in the country, there are no safety inspections, just a VIN verification. Every two years there is a smog equipment inspection and tailpipe test in 41 out of 58 counties. Colorado - There are no safety inspections just a VIN verification, and only a few counties have smog tests. Connecticut - You will have to get the VIN verified, but there is no safety check here except for a cursory inspection when transferring registration between owners.

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However, every two years you do need a smog test. Delaware - Every two years you must have a smog and safety inspection.

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The full list is here. District of Columbia - Every two years you must have a smog test and inspection. Commercial vehicles and for-hire vehicles are also required to have a safety inspection as well, every year. Florida - No smog or safety inspections, but vehicles brought in from another state will have their VIN verified. Georgia - No safety requirements, but Atlanta residents will need a smog test every year. Hawaii - While there is no smog testing in this island paradise, there is a periodic safety inspection. The inspector will check the steering, brakes, tires, fuel system, exhaust, headlights, mirrors, speedometer, odometer, windows, and seat belts for proper function and normal wear.

Idaho - There is no periodic safety inspection here, but residents in Ada and Canyon counties will need a periodic smog test. There is a VIN verification if you bring a car in from out of state.

Illinois - There are no inspections required, unless you live near Chicago or St. Louis, MO. In those metropolitan areas there are smog checks every other year, and at the time they may fail the car if it appears unsafe as well. Indiana - There are no safety or smog inspections in Indiana, except for smog checks in the counties near Chicago, Lake and Porter Counties.

Out of state vehicles will have their VIN verified at registration. Iowa - This state is wide open, with no inspections by the DMV. Kansas - No smog and no safety requirements, but out of state vehicles will have their VIN checked at registration. Louisiana - There are only smog checks here if you live near Baton Rouge, but safety inspections are required yearly unless you pay for a two year inspection sticker. The entire list is here. Maine - Only Cumberland County has an annual smog test. You do need to get a safety inspection, and they will check the VIN at that time, also on and newer cars they will check the OBD system for codes too.

Inspection checks the normal things like working lights, brakes, safety gear, and no major rust, but inspectors vary widely and there is a page rule book. You can read the whole thing here. Maryland - There are no annual safety inspections, but there will be one for the new owner if the vehicle is sold.

A biennial smog check is needed in 13 out of 23 counties, plus the Baltimore metro area. You can get specifics on their website. Massachusetts - You can expect to see an inspector yearly for both safety and emissions here. The inspection will look at all the typical things, like brakes, lights, and steering, but can also fail you for the car being raised or lowered too far from the factory ride height. More details are listed here.

Michigan - There are no annual safety or smog checks in this state, nor do they check the VIN when you bring a car in from out of state. Missouri - There are no smog checks needed unless you live near St. Legal Change of Name Divorce, etc.

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Any other documentary evidence which confirms to the satisfaction of the Division the true identity of the applicant. Secondary Identification Please verify 2 of the following: Computerized Check Stubs --Must include the applicant's full name pre-printed on the stub. Union Membership Cards -- Must include the applicant's full name Work IDs -- Preferably with photo Financial Institution Documents -- Computer printouts of bank statements, savings account statements, loan documents, etc.

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