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And not long after that, Bejarno received an email from a year-old man named Kristin. He'd had his DNA tested as well, and wrote to Bejarno: "I think we need to talk, it says we're related, and it says you're my mom. Turns out, Bejarno's mother, whom she says was abusive and from whom she was estranged, had lied about her baby dying, and had instead immediately put the child up for adoption. Kristin says he was raised by a loving family in Las Vegas and today is himself married, living in New Jersey and the father of a baby girl.

Bejarno and her husband say they've been in touch with Kristin ever since. Kristin and his family are visiting Bejarno and her family this Thanksgiving. Officials in Paddington, Australia as asking for the public's help in identifying and apprehending the pooping jogger. It's a female jogger who's been stopping to relieve herself in the Australian town.

As reported by Metro. And no, she doesn't clean up after herself. And it's not like it's an occasional thing. Metro reports one resident said they'd found human poo on the street at least five times in the last three weeks. That same resident also stressed that while she doesn't approve of the on-street turdage and definitely wants it to stop, neither does she want the jogger shamed, noting that "she could have a medical condition.

How funny would it be to put a recording of your voice inside of your coffin, with you shouting to be let out, and played it at your funeral? Pretty funny, it turns out, and also surprisingly sweet, based on the reaction of the mourners at Shay Bradley 's funeral Saturday. Bradley died October 8 following a long illness, according to his obituary.

Knowing that the end was near, he recorded a message to be played at his funeral and, according to the Huffington Post , told no one but his son, Jonathan , and Jonathan's nephew. Although in deference to her sensibilities, Jonathan told his mom, two days before the funeral. As seen in a Twitter video that's since gone viral, mourners are gathered around the open grave as distant bagpipes play "Amazing Grace" and the casket is lowered into the ground.

And then, comes a voice, accompanied by knocking: "Hello? Let me out? I just called to say goodbye. It's common in many U. In Germany, the defendants are afforded that same opportunity. Michael Jauernik certainly took advantage of that offer. His prepared statement in Hamburg, Germany's district court was finally cut short Monday -- after three days.

According to the U. It reportedly included long reminiscences about his life and criminal activities, elaborate justifications for the latter, and even detailed descriptions of his daily workout routine. By Monday, right around hour 20 of Jauernik's statement, the judge had had enough. Declaring that she regretted giving Jauernik so much latitude, she cut his statement short -- if 20 hours can be considered cutting it short -- and sentenced him to and-a-half years in prison for a series of crimes that took place between and this year. For the year-old, that's effectively a life sentence, not counting additional "preventive detention" the judge ordered following Jauernik's release, if he makes it that long.

A British man showed a very dull intellect by threatening to kill a pair of cops with a very sharp knife -- a blade that looked exactly like the one tattooed on his face. Grant Stevens jumped out of the bushes at the Gloucester train station, waving the weapon and making death threats against the two female officers, neither of whom was armed. Prosecutor Janine Wood said Stevens, who has bi-polar disorder, shouted: "Stand back, I'm going to stab you, I'm going to kill you.

Florida cops cuffed an out-of-control drunk who threatened to shoot them in the wake of a car crash -- and found out they'd just arrested Samuel L. Okay, the year-old suspect isn't remotely related to the Hollywood actor, but he sure acted like a gangster, screaming obscenities, tearing up the inside of a patrol car and promising to shoot the officers.

When they couldn't calm Sam down, the deputies took him to a hospital, where he was given ketamine to slow his roll. But were there any snakes on the dashboard? A wanted man in Texas who told cops they would never arrest him because they would never find him, has been found -- and arrested. Jason San Miguel was wanted on a burglary charge and told to turn himself in. But instead of making their job easy, he contacted police to tell them if they wanted to arrest him, they would have to find him -- and even suggested that they weren't up to the task.

It turns out they were, and they didn't even need much time. Just a few hours after he'd challenged them, police drove to his house and found him hiding out in his attic. A Florida man got lit up by angry dispatchers after he repeatedly called to report his roomie for stealing his stash of pot. The man, whose name was not released, made at least a half-dozen calls to the emergency number to demand someone come to smoke out the alleged weed-eater, but on-duty officers refused to roll over to his joint.

The unlucky puke target was understandably horrified and taken to the front of the plane, where a flight attendant helped her clean the mess out of her hair. The drunk was taken off the plane and not allowed to fly. The rest of the passengers were then escorted off so the area could be properly cleaned and disinfected. Once the plane was cleaned, passengers were allowed back on to resume their flight. Not that we need it, but here's further proof that the American health care system, no matter how good your doc might be, needs a serious overhaul.

To put that into perspective, Zillow.

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That means for what the man was billed for his hospital stay, you could buy 2. Here's hoping at least that the stay cured the man's infection. The Reddit thread is posted under the title "Never get a knee infection. By now, we would hope everyone understands that it's not permitted to pack explosives in your carry-on luggage when you're traveling by air.

Now seems an ideal time to clarify that you also shouldn't pack fake explosives. The Transportation Security Administration reports two passengers are facing charges after recently concluding that packing replica hand grenades in their carry-on luggage wasn't a big deal. Oh yeah -- there's also the passenger who packed a replica of a mm artillery shell in their bag, which was caught September 30 at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers International Airport. Clearing the item takes time and can lead to delays or missed flights. On top of that, you could face arrest and a civil penalty. As if there aren't enough things to worry about online, a story out of China should give pause to anyone who's social media obsessed: A stalking suspect used the reflection in the eyes of a woman's selfie to find her.

The year-old man was allegedly stalking the young woman, whose identity wasn't revealed, but who was reported by SkyNews and local outlets to be a pop star. Like many celebrities, the year-old victim dutifully digitized her every move. Because cellphone cameras shoot in such high definition, the suspect reportedly zoomed the year-old victim's selfie to spot the reflection of a local train station in her eyes. Then, using Google Street View, he was able to find the location, travel there, and assault her. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of indecent behavior and causing injury.

As if that's not worrisome enough, identity theft experts have also warned that flashing a "peace sign" at the camera -- incidentally, also very popular in Asia -- could lead scammers to zoom into the high-def photo and "steal" a person's fingerprints. But, the real story is why he did those things. Palazzo reportedly was angry that his victims wouldn't grant him permission to have sex with their livestock. As reported by the New Jersey Herald , Palazzo wrote letters and sent emails to several Susses County farms and stables, asking for permission to have sex with their animals -- specifically, cows and horses.

When the recipients -- surprise! He's also accused of retaliating by leaving negative online reviews of the facilities that denied him, and also leaving homemade tire deflation spikes in their driveways. All because the business and property owners wouldn't allow him to have sex with their livestock. Palazzo faces 22 indictable offenses in all, according to the New Jersey Herald , as well as numerous other disorderly persons offenses, all for incidents dating back to August of last year, through this month.

At a hearing Wednesday, Palazzo was ordered detained in the Morris County Jail until his next court appearance November 4. An Iowa college student who was trying to be Superbad just ended up looking Super-Dumb after he was caught drinking on a fake ID that showed his name was "McLovin. When asked for identification, he showed his driver's license, which declared his real age, but when asked for the fake ID that got him into the establishment, he denied having one Burleson then produced a phony Hawaii state identification card that claimed he was the bro-comedy character "McLovin," and declared him old enough to drink alcohol.

He said he got the card "off Amazon" and was charged with possession of a fake ID and public intoxication, both misdemeanors. Connecticut cops needed just a few minutes of grilling to get a confession out of a dude who broke into a house to steal an armload of hot dogs and beer. Christopher F. Leffert was caught red-handed by a housekeeper who reported the intruder to her boss -- but when the homeowner approached Leffert's Nissan Rogue, the crook pretended he didn't hear the man's questioning. The victim then called cops, who tracked Leffert down on a street just a few blocks away.

Once pulled over, the year-old asked, "Is this about the beer? I'll return it," then showed cops a haul that included a pack of Stella Artois, three unopened Sip of Sunshine IPA beer cans and a box of Hebrew National beef franks. Leffert was also found to be in possession of a half-ounce of weed. Police officers have such a tough job to do.

If putting their lives on the line to protect and serve isn't enough, they have to deal with meth-heads like this couple of beauties. Police in Arkansas stopped a car whose headlights were not on. The car was driven by year-old Elizabeth Catlett, whose year-old brother Don Furr was in the passenger seat. Catlett told cops there were no drugs in the car, but her brother told officers that if there were, they "would be in the console and it would be ice.

Catlett also had baggies of meth in her pocket. She told police that if she happened to test positive for drugs it's because her brother fed her a "meth sandwich" and gave her booze to wash it down. They were both arrested and are being held on multiple drug charges. A Pennsylvania man is cooling his heels after his quest for a cool beverage led him to rob a vending machine to steal one can of soda and a few bucks in change. Witnesses called after they observed Raymond Birch using a crowbar to pry open a soda machine behind a grocery store in the wee hours of Monday morning.

By the time officers arrived at the scene, Birch had fled, but left enough clues for the cops to pick up his trail and chase him. That ended when he crashed his truck into a parked car, jumped a curb and smashed into a fence. Timothy Jean Kepke needed medical attention after he and a pal snagged an alligator from protected waters and tried to involve it in their binge. The gator grew more aggressive with alcohol in its system, so Kepke and his accomplice let the critter loose near where they caught it.

Since the men had video evidence of their crime, they were easily tracked and arrested on charges of wildlife endangerment. An year-old Norwegian girl had to put down her horse after it fell ill, but she decided to honor the equine the best way she knew how -- by eating it. She says the meat is stored in a freezer, and every now and then she takes it out and cooks dinner. She even shared some photos of her meals on social media, and they've drawn a lot of criticism and even death threats. Olden says she grew up on a farm with animals, and her thoughts about meat are different than most people's.

She argues, "If I'm going to eat horse meat, it's going to be my own. Looking to score a sweet government grant? Sheep farts are the way to go. OK, it's fun to joke, and any excuse to say "sheep farts" is always welcome. But as study leader Nicole Lambe -- yes, that really is her last name -- tells the paper, the goal of the three-year study is to determine ways to "breed, feed and manage sheep with reduced environmental impact," which is especially important as climate change increases. Here's some good advice. If you plan to go out and get wasted, and then take a rideshare home, it's probably best to write down directions to your house and hand them to the driver before you're too drunk to make sense.

Take the case of Joseph Fergie. The year-old Scottish lad clearly enjoyed himself last Friday night when he went clubbing in Edinburgh. After getting good and properly drunk, he did the responsible thing and called an Uber to take him home. Which is where things get kind of fuzzy. As the Scottish Daily Record reports the story, Fergie lives in the town of Leith, about 15 minutes from his final club stop. Whether that's what he told the Uber driver remains unclear, because Fergie passed out in the Uber -- and didn't wake up until the driver roused him to inform him that he was home.

Except that he wasn't. It was a. Total Uber bill? Fergie reached out to his pals via Snapchat for help. And being his friends, they did little more than laugh at him. He eventually made it home, though, via a combination of buses and trains, arriving at his doorstep around Saturday afternoon -- some 12 hours after he climbed into the Uber for what should have been at minute trip.

Fergie's trying to keep a sense of humor about the mix-up, but does say he's reached out to Uber to see if they can cut him a little slack with the bill.

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You know the old saying: guns don't shoot people -- puppies shoot people. Also in the truck? Molly , a rambunctious seven-month-old Labrador puppy. As the trio waited at a railroad crossing in the town of Enid, the noise of the passing train apparently spooked Molly, who jumped up on the truck's center console -- and somehow, manager to set off the. Parks called and, after convincing a skeptical dispatcher that yes, the dog really was the one who shot his passengers, followed the dispatcher's instructions to use his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, after which he drove Springer to the nearest hospital.

At last word, Springer was fine. Police, however, reportedly found three shell casings inside the truck, and also noted that the serial number had been filed off of the pistol. Their investigations continues. Goodness knows, weddings are expensive. But fellas, this isn't the way to pay for yours. The sheriff's office says most of the money was recovered. As for whether Bumpous and his betrothed are still engaged, or whether a wedding took place, that remains to be seen.

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times. If you're gonna rob someone, make sure you don't forget your cell phone at the scene of the crime. Okay, so it's the first time we've ever said that, but it does seem rather obvious. The Abbotsford News in British Columbia, Canada, reports on the case of an unidentified woman in Langley whose garage was recently burglarized, with the thief making off with credit and debit cards. Fortunately, the thief also left something behind.

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Their phone! In my car! The post was quickly shared some times, resulting in a positive ID of both people in the wallpaper selfie. At last word, the police were handling the rest. What does it take to stop a hit-and-run driver from leaving the scene of an accident? If you're Mark Dino Russo , all it takes is one finger. And lots of attitude. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports , the year-old was waiting at a traffic light at P. September 26 in Affton, Missouri, when a speeding car with its lights off hit a curb, rolled and struck a utility pole.

The vehicle also hit a woman and another bystander. When Russo got out of his truck to investigate, he noticed a young man, talking on a mobile phone as he walked away from the accident scene. A man who looked an awful lot like the driver of the wrecked car, whom Russo had glimpsed just before the accident. And that's when Russo -- now standing behind the open door of his pickup truck -- whipped out his finger, pointed it like a pistol at the back of the fleeing suspect, and commanded him to stop, or he would shoot. And it worked.

Jeremy Stockert , 33, was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, careless and reckless driving, and driving without a license, license plates or insurance. The good news: the woman Stockert struck, as well as the male bystander, are apparently going to be OK. Well, if you're gonna be pistol-whipped, this is probably the way to go.

According the police report , obtained by The Smoking Gun, Pham suspected her husband was fooling around on her, and began arguing with him over the alleged affair. At some point, according to her husband's statement to police, Pham "brandished two plastic Nerf guns and began hitting him with them. When police arrived, they discovered Pham in the driveway of her home, Nerf guns still in hand.

She was arrested for domestic battery and child endangerment, the latter charge because she went Nerf on her husband in front of their four kids. Here's a tip: if you're ever taken to a hospital emergency room, it's probably best to tell the staff of dedicated health care professionals right up front that you really didn't get your lips ripped off.

As reported by WJBK in Detroit, the emergency room crew at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak justifiably went into full-on trauma mode when Jai Frears showed up Monday night with the flesh surrounding her chin, mouth and nose apparently ripped off, and her bloody gums and teeth bared, skull-like. But it was a false alarm. Turns out, Frears -- who's a professional dancer -- was getting made up as a zombie before taking part in a photo shoot for a Halloween marketing campaign.

But after some three hours in the makeup chair, she had a panic attack and was rushed to the hospital. The panic attack apparently was making her difficult for her to communicate with the ER staff, who understandably attributed it all, at least initially, to Fears having had half of her face ripped off. While Beaumont Hospital staff wouldn't comment about the case specifically, a spokesperson did issue a statement to WJBK that made it clear they weren't pleased. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies.

It's no secret that the cost of rent is skyrocketing nationwide for even the most modest housing. But a current offering in a San Diego, California neighborhood has many renters gobsmacked. Advertised online as an "updated studio" apartment, the dwelling in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego is actually a shed. In someone's back yard. Of course, at no time does the listing refer to it as a shed. But it's clear at a glance that a shed is exactly what it is, very similar to the type of prefab storage shed you can purchase at one of the big home improvement retailers.

Mind you, it's a very nice shed. The only reason it's on the market now, according to KGTV , is because the previous tenant moved out, after living there for two years. Dateline: Memphis, Tennessee -- Police responded early Monday morning to a call from year-old Anthony Thomas , who declared that he'd been carjacked by two men and his vehicle stolen.

But as WREG reports , when police ran his license plate, they discovered that his car had actually been towed, several hours before Thomas claimed the carjacking had taken place. When questioned, Thomas admitted the truth -- he'd made up the carjacking story, because he didn't want to have to tell his wife that his car had been towed. And that's because it had been parked in front of the house where his mistress lives, and towed while Thomas was inside the house with her. Thomas was charged with filing a false police report, which we're guessing is the least of his problems right about now.

A hangry Texas guy really jumped the shark by showing up at a McDonald's wearing nothing but a shark onesie and demanding free burgers because he'd forgotten his wallet. According to witnesses, the man, who's still at large, was "acting strangely" from the moment he walked into the fast-food joint with four friends. The onlookers say the dude was pacing back and forth and muttering before he approached the counter and said he should be given a free meal because he didn't have any cash on him.

The counter clerk refused, so the man stormed outside and resumed his pacing, leading the staff to lock the doors. When he refused to stop banging on the glass, a manager called cops -- and shark boy told them that restaurant employees had stolen his wallet. Police described the man as about five-foot-five with blonde hair, a beard and brown eyes.

He is suspected of tampering with as many as rental scooters since April. Investigators say they don't know of any injuries related to the cut brake lines. Williams is charged with criminal mischief. Turns out that drunk is drunk. Even if you can do the splits. September 19 on suspicion of drunk driving. Sterling Heights police say Axelson, who didn't have a drivers license on him, admitted he'd been drinking, but told officers, "Not enough where I shouldn't be driving," slurring his words as he said so.

That prompted officers to administer a field sobriety test -- only Axelson took it a big step further. When officers asked him if he had any leg injuries, Axelson replied, "I don't think so -- I can go like this. Police dashcam video recorded it all. Officers were impressed, but not enough to let Axelson go. He was charged with DWI -- reportedly, his eighth such arrest -- as well as driving with a suspended license. Everyone who's ever flown on a commercial airline has at one time or another dreaded the possibility of their luggage not ending up at their destination. In the case of Karn Rateria , that dread was a certainty -- because he could see his bag sitting on the tarmac as the plane in which he was sitting taxied away from the terminal.

September 29, Rateria posted a photo to his Twitter , clearly taken from an airplane window, of his bag sitting lonely and forgotten on the tarmac outside a terminal at Munich International Airport. No doubt thinking themselves helpful, Lufthansa tweeted in reply , "Very sorry for that.

There was an outage of the baggage system at the airport in Frankfurt. My colleagues are doing their best to locate the bags and send them as quick as possible. According to Baton Rouge police, year-old Michael Pratt took a prostitute last Sunday morning to a local motel do engage in the type of activity one would expect someone to engage in, given the circumstances.

The reason the police know this, is because the prostitute then called them to complain when Pratt asked for his money back. As reported by WBRZ TV , year-old Pamela Landry called the officers following her rendezvous with Pratt at the Shades Motel , after Pratt reportedly became aggressive because Landry didn't provide the services for which he paid her. Pratt allegedly confessed to police that he'd held Landry captive in the hotel room while he demanded his money, which Landry later confessed she'd spent on crack.

Pratt was arrested for soliciting prostitution, while Landry was busted for prostitution and drug-related charges. An Arizona woman went straight from exchanging vows to copping pleas -- she was arrested in her wedding gown during a brawl. The incident occurred on Prescott's bar-filled Whiskey Row.

Cops showed up to defuse the situation, but she allegedly pushed one officer and punched another in the face. Jordan and Cordova, who allegedly threatened to assault an officer, were both arrested and booked into county jail. A family in North Carolina beat a restaurant manager to a pulp -- because he refused to refill their orange juice glasses at no charge. A Florida man was more than a little bit rattled when he tried to do a basic repair job on his clothes dryer and found out the thing had been disabled by a snake living inside it.

One Nation (Time out Lay out)

Bruce Wiley noticed that his dryer had stopped working, so he took a look himself before calling a repairman. A homeless Florida man played the rarely seen "get into jail free" card by phoning cops to snitch on himself, saying he wanted to be arrested on drug charges. Joshua Simmons called late Sunday night and told a dispatcher he "had drugs on his person" and wanted cops to come and take him to jail. When deputies arrived at the St.

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Petersburg park, he pulled a bag of weed from his pants pocket. The year-old told officers he needed a place to stay and thought jail was his best option. After confirming that Simmons was, in fact, carrying a gram of pot, cops took him to the county jail on a misdemeanor drug charge. A man is a real life fruit ninja by slicing through a record amount of fruit in 60 seconds. He has of said records under his belt thanks to his quest to promote STEM education.

So, how did Rush conquer this latest world record? He had a minute to use a samurai sword to slice through as many grapes as possible. When the feat was said and done, he chopped up 70 grapes in mid-air and covered the ground with grape fragments. The previous record? A burglar must have caused a scene when they made off with a inch sex toy. Should police identify the vibrator swindler, they will face breaking and entering charges as well as larceny charges.

WPLG reports that a rogue beer vendor took surge pricing to criminal levels on Sunday afternoon. He took the fans card and swiped it using his own personal card reader, not the device the stadium provides to vendors, according to the police report. Shortly after the transaction was processed, the fan got an alert from his bank notifying him of the large purchase on his card, which displayed the vendor's name. Nathaniel Collier , 33, was arrested and promptly fired. Police said he had a Square credit card reader in his possession at the time of his arrest.

Collier faces charges of grand theft and using a skimming device. What's more criminal: a burglar breaking into a house or the same burglar making mayonnaise sandwiches -- no meats or other fillings, just the world's whitest sandwich? The homeowner was supposedly woken from all the noise. He fled before deputies arrived, but he forgot a few things like a coffee mug, a bar piercing, a gold chain, a lighter -- and his wallet and ID.

No one was hurt during the incident.

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  5. Police said details will be released on the suspect's identity once an arrest warrant is issued. The suspect is described as a white man, six feet tall, weighing pounds. A Florida woman really made an ash of herself after being arrested for putting a cigarette out on her boyfriend's forehead. Heather Mayeux allegedly started shouting when he got home from work. Mayeux was arrested for domestic violence. She told cops she "may have" stubbed the cigarette out on the man's face because she was "feeling frustrated.

    The employee pointed to the year-old's groin area and accused him of theft. He went to a secluded area with a male security guard. When they returned, the female manager said "please tell me he's got something down there," to which the guard just shook his head. Whitehurst, who admitted to wearing "very tight" jeans, simply said "I can't help the way I'm made. Jon and Robyn Drummond , who recently bought the 19th century orchard, believe it was an insider job.

    Jon Drummond said, "Someone knew this orchard really well. They knew where to go, the portion of the orchard where they couldn't be seen. I was like, oh my God, someone came in and stole these apples. Still, the Drummonds say it'll take a lot more than that to discourage them. So, what will the thieves do with nearly 50, perfectly ripe and delicious apples? Officers later located him at a homeless encampment, which was the easy part.

    The hard part, however, was catching the slippery criminal, who fled and successfully shook pursuing officers. The four-acre maze featured 10 foot high corn stalks. Officers set up a perimeter around the maze and, with the assistance of a California Highway Patrol officer, conducted a systematic search in two 3-person groups. A CHP helicopter was also called in but failed to locate Watt. This would-be thief is probably going to think twice before attempting to steal another car. WSB reports a Georgia woman gave her alleged thief the scare of his life on Thursday.

    Knowing she had to react fast to get the creep out of her car, she resorted to the only effective weapon she had in her arsenal. Even better, the event is completely free to the public. Self-guided audio tours will also be available. An Oregon woman was arrested after it was discovered that the secret ingredient she used in the bean dip she shared with co-workers was actually methamphetamine. A short while later, one of the co-workers got very sick and went to the hospital. It was later revealed that the dip was spiked with methamphetamine, and Medina-Hernandez had apparently admitted it to another worker.

    An Alaska Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles on Thursday had to be diverted to Kansas City because a passenger in coach became enraged when he wasn't allowed to use the restroom in first class. It shows him standing in a long line to use the bathroom in coach while launching a tirade about the separation of classes on the plane.

    But he ignored them and eventually started threatening violence. That's when the pilot announced they would be landing in Kansas City, where police were summoned to come on board and take him off the flight. It's not clear if he's been charged. Something stinks in New Jersey, but nobody knows what is causing the awful smell.

    The HRHC said inspectors followed the foul odor upwind to Newark, but were unable to locate the source of the stench. Fun fact, this stinky phenomenon isn't new. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has been investigating this nauseating odor since the beginning of summer. Being a peninsula, we have water on three sides of us so at low tide sometimes you can smell the bay.

    This is nothing related to that. It was a very nasty, almost like a foul meat type of smell. Aronson said the smell is hurting his business because people don't want to sit outside anymore. Because they thought they heard "bomb. However, when it comes to phonetics, they do sound somewhat similar. Despite the mix-up, it's always better to err on the side of caution. Officials wrote in a news release, "Superintendent H. Larry Moore thanks the quick action by all Marianna High School administration and staff as we strive to keep our students safe.

    A Florida man definitely has a reason to cry over spilled milk. That's when he hit her with a milk jug by throwing it across the counter -- which struck her hand. The affidavit states, "While throwing the milk, the man stated, 'You are going to sell me this milk! The man was, obviously, arrested and taken to St. Lucie County Jail where he was charged with battery. A burglar in Florida made himself at home during a break-in -- because the place actually was his home a few years back. Dylan Hoyt slipped into the house and headed for the restroom, where he relieved himself and made enough noise to wake Bob Bishoff, who owns the place now.

    Bishoff told cops, "I get up and go to the other side of the house and the door is closed and now the bathroom door is closed and somebody's flushing the toilet. Hoyt didn't steal a thing, which is his M. A woman was hospitalized with a condition known as "broken heart syndrome" after she mistook a scoop of wasabi for avocado. The Israeli woman in her late 60s was attending a wedding when she ate a large amount of what she thought was guacamole, but it turned out to be the spicy Japanese horseradish. The woman said she immediately felt discomfort in her chest but stayed at the wedding.

    But the next day she was extremely uncomfortable and went to the doctor to get checked out. She was given an electrocardiogram, which determined that she was suffering from called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which is a disruption of the heart's normal pumping function.

    Doctors usually refer to the condition as "broken heart syndrome" because it typically occurs when the patient experiences extreme emotional stress from the death of a loved one. International Coastal Cleanup Day is a global event when environmentalists pick up trash on beaches. The next day, about volunteers spent hours cleaning up the beach. Afterward, the mayor's office apologized for the stunt, saying it was done to "raise awareness about the seriousness of coastal waste," and insisted that percent of the trash had been picked up.

    An Ohio woman clearly needs to work on her time management skills. Or excuses. All because she was supposedly late for work. When Newburgh Heights police officers attempted to box Edwards in and force her off the road, she hit 3 cruisers. Her rampage eventually ended with her striking a utility pole. Edwards was charged with failure to comply along with multiple counts of felonious assault. A video of the incident was captured on a dash cam video was played before the court on Wednesday. In a situation that seems directly taken out of a comedy, an Austrian couple expecting a dress opened a package containing roughly 25, ecstasy tablets instead.

    Confused, she opened the box and peered down at thousands of little blue tabs. At first she innocently thought she was mistakenly sent a box of decorative stones. They soon realized the box was full of illicit drugs. The couple frantically returned the package to the post office, who phoned Upper Austrian police.

    Investigators learned that the box of pills had actually been intended for an address in Scotland. Which probably means some angry Scottish drug dealer is trying to figure out what the heck happened to his or her drugs. However, the search continues for the sender. It took a few months, but Florida police finally caught the man who attacked another man with a sword while fighting over a piece of trash -- yes, you heard right, two grown men were fighting over literal garbage. He wanted that dump cart. Unfortunately for him, someone else did, too. As the men battled it out, a woman casually strolled onto Beaver's lawn and walked away with the cart.

    Deputies say they spoke with the woman who said she was not involved. With trains, planes, buses and cars readily available, one man chose a rather unusual form of transportation to make his way to Kentucky. The department responded to a call about a person in the river near the Crescent Bridge on Monday. The department wrote, "The subject told fire crews that he entered the water willingly from the shore of Davenport and was planning on relocating to The Bluegrass State and intended to use the log to make the trip to Kentucky.

    Student loans are the bane of every student. He wounded a clerk at a Macon gas station after firing through the bulletproof glass and also held up a Waffle House. Instead, Judge Howard Z. Simms asked Haywood how much a GED costs. Simms suggested, "Maybe you should have filled out an application at the Waffle House instead of going in to rob it. Case in point, chasing down a topless shoplifting suspect that's riding a bicycle. Oh -- she was also topless. The department writes, "When a deputy pulled alongside and told her to stop, the woman replied, 'Make me.

    Backes was also accused by a Surfside Outfitters worker for stuffing a pair of flip flops and a tee shirt into her purse and walking out of the store without paying. OCSO deputies recovered the stolen items. According to the Facebook post, "The suspect was charged with retail theft and resisting arrest without violence. She has no known local address. A pair of drunken Floridians found a really off-the-wall place to pursue their passions -- on a wall in the backyard of a Key West woman.

    Stephen James Dean and Teresa Ann Behan aroused the suspicion of the homeowner while arousing each other in particularly loud fashion. When she peered out the window, she saw the pair in mid-act and called cops, who found Dean passed out cold and Behan trying to wake him up. According to the police report, "the two could not put together complete sentences and reeked of alcohol. They both have criminal records, with Behan racking up one arrest for kicking an officer in the groin while drunk.

    A thief in New York City really put a bite into crime -- by taking a bite out of the dog-walking teenager whose bling he was trying to steal. The year-old victim was walking a small pooch in upper Manhattan when a man crept up behind him and grabbed the gold chain around his neck. When the kid fought back, the toothy thug chomped down on his hand so hard that he drew blood and made the victim lose his grip on the chain.

    Although the suspect is still at large, cops have enough video evidence to believe that they'll be able to catch up with him soon. The year-old man was visiting the theme park with his girlfriend when he decided it was a good place to drop some LSD. Before anyone knew it, he had fallen into a lake in the Adventureland part of the park and disappeared.

    His girlfriend alerted police, who organized a person search party, along with dogs and a helicopter. The man was eventually found at a. Both he and his girlfriend were arrested on drug charges. Burger King recently ran afoul of an Arizona grandmother who was shocked when her granddaughter was served an uncooked chicken sandwich. Charlotte Parker says she bought her year-old granddaughter a chicken sandwich and was grossed out when the girl took a couple of bites and noticed it was a raw piece of chicken on a bun. Parker says she told employees about it, and they gave a quick apology and a refund.

    But Parker didn't like how nonchalant they were about it, so she took her concerns to the corporate office. Burger King then issued a full apology and assured customers that employees at that location were retrained on cooking food thoroughly. Two men attempting to rob a downtown Seattle luggage bungled their heist in just about every way possible. Friday morning from an alarm company reporting a possible break-in at a luggage store. Officers arrived quickly, but did not immediately see any signs of a break-in. However, they soon spotted a man "skittering on his belly" towards the store's cash register.

    Just kidding!

    go to link Officers and a K-9 team found a large hole in the store's wall, about 10 feet above the ground. One officer used a ladder to climb up to the hole and noticed a trail of blood inside. Police then found a year-old man hiding under a table in a restaurant and a year-old man hiding in the ceiling. Officers booked both burglars at the King County Jail and seized a crowbar, rubber gloves, a lock pick kit, binoculars, and a hand-held Pac Man video game from the would-be thieves. A strange series of events in Louisiana last week led to a woman biting a camel's testicles.

    Unfortunately, their hard-of-hearing dog went inside the pen. So, the woman followed the dog, and her husband followed her. Hamilton said, "The camel did nothing wrong. The camel was just doing its normal routine. Louisiana laws prohibit people from letting their dogs run free on enclosed or unenclosed private property.

    The company amassed their record-shattering lint ball by collecting lint from all its locations at the start of the year. Unfortunately, it just smoldered and smoked like a charcoal briquette. The flaming lint ball was eventually extinguished by the local fire department.

    Deputies pulled over a car in San Jose, California on Friday because it had no front or back license plates. Then, the officers found two-dozen bags of marijuana and cocaine in the vehicle. After further investigation, they found 24 bags of marijuana and approximately 8 grams of cocaine. The driver was arrested for possession, transportation and sales.

    Great stop and arrest! A Florida man gave new meaning to the words "dirty martini" -- by knocking back one too many vodkas and calling to spew obscenities at a dispatcher. Nathan Salwin was busted for misuse of the emergency line after peppering the dispatcher with X-rated insults that were "too vulgar to list in the official record. Trevor Smith was spotted sprawled on the floor of an elevator with his pants around his ankles and a cleaning cone strategically placed on his lap.

    According to the police report, the year-old was thrusting his hips into the cone and wouldn't stop when asked, leading to a call to cops. Smith smelled strongly of alcohol and had to be helped to his feet when a deputy arrived. The officer saw white powder around Smtih's lower face and what appeared to be more drugs on the elevator floor. A church in Ohio has a message for the thief or thieves who stole its brand-new air conditioning unit, and it's going viral.

    It's hot where you're going. He now holds the Guinness World Record for furthest tortilla throw. Guinness posted a video of the feat on Youtube. Rush said his first throw bounced off a wall, so it didn't count toward his three official attempts. His redo first official throw also wasn't far enough.

    It was put on by the non-profit Workmen's Circle, which offers the largest Yiddish language program in the world. Dogs and their owners learned how to respond to commands such as 'sit' and 'stay' in Yiddish. All attendees received goody bags for their pets. The group said in a Facebook post, "Learning to train our dogs using Yiddish commands is one way we keep our cultural heritage alive while having fun. It's always better to commit a crime after a good night's sleep. Just ask the year-old man who was arrested in New Jersey last week after he fell asleep while attempting to steal items from a car.

    According to Hackettstown Police, cops responded shortly after 6 a. Police determined that Sallie, who is from Mount Olive Township, entered the vehicle to steal items that were in the car. The sleepy burglar was charged with criminal trespass and burglary and taken to the Warren County Correctional Facility. A Florida teen was seeing red after her elderly relatives prevented her from eating "more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table. When confronted about her behavior by her grandfather, Gates allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to stab him in the face with it.

    Witnesses told cops that Gates chased her grandfather with the knife and poked the weapon at his face. Gates reportedly admitted to police that she hit her relative in the face with the cigarette pack. She also confirmed that she picked up a knife and approached her grandfather. However, she denied "attempting to strike him with the knife in her hand during the argument. A judge has ordered Gates to have no contact with the victims. She is scheduled for a court appearance on October 3.

    A Milwaukee couple wasn't smiling after their security camera got a little too candid -- and started talking to them when it was hacked by a prankster. Lamont and Samantha Westmoreland installed a full-on smart home system, linking their thermostat, doorbell camera and internal security system, and everything went smoothly -- until this month. Samantha says she first noticed a problem when she returned home from work and found that the house was a steamy 90 degrees. She turned it down, thinking it was a minor glitch, but it soon began going up again -- and then a voice started cursing at her and playing vulgar music through the camera.

    The Westmorelands say the hack continued even after a password change and blame the company for poor security on their end -- and the company insists they chose "compromisable passwords. A Missouri woman is warning drivers not to leave aerosol hair products in their hot cars after one exploded inside her daughter's car and shot right through the sunroof like a rocket.

    Christine Bader Debrecht says the aerosol can of dry shampoo was in the center console of her daughter's Honda Civic on a hot day. Luckily, no one was in the car when they heard a loud bang and saw shattered glass shoot out of the roof. This weekend, the Six Flags America theme park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is inviting couples to compete for cash and other prizes -- and all they have to do is survive 30 hours together in a coffin. Unfortunately, no electronic devices are allowed in the coffin.

    No smartphones. No watches. Just you and your partner. But luckily, the contest does allow for short food and bathroom breaks. Get paid to drink coffee … No, really. The catch? You can apply at the business. But you need to hurry. Deadline is September 30th. A Japanese pizza chain is now offering a double-decker, 4.

    As the Asian news website Sora News 24 reports , the so called 'Meat Mountain' pizza is being offered by the Aoki's pizza chain. It begins with two thick-crust pizzas stacked one atop the other, and held together by gooey gobs of melted cheese. And then, there's the meats.

    The bottom layer features Wagyu beef ribs, chicken, deluxe minced meat, meat in spicy sauce, taco meat, and dry-cured ham. The top layer is laden with beef steak, hamburger patty pieces, pork loin, Iberian bacon, diced bacon, sliced?? And yes, we know that technically, bacon counts as one kind of meat. And some of those sausages are probably similar, too. But if you don't get that persnickety about it, it's 18 meats total. Dateline: Millersville, Kentucky -- First, the good news: everyone's fine.

    Now, the weird news: police are trying to determine exactly how an unidentified woman wound up in the trunk of another woman's vehicle Tuesday, with the vehicle owner knowing anything about it. WNKY reports the vehicle's owner had pulled into a gas station and was filling her tank when she, somehow, discovered the woman -- whom she did not know -- in her vehicle's trunk.

    Police say the woman in the trunk was unharmed but so far, they have no idea how or why she wound up in there -- apparently, as of Tuesday, the woman wasn't saying. No one's been charged with a crime as the investigation continues. North Bloomfield, Ohio police have one for the books -- a deputy pulled over Amish men for driving a horse-drawn buggy, while intoxicated. The buggy was equipped with a giant stereo system with large speakers. The deputy also saw a pack of Michelob Ultra on the top of the wagon.

    The Amish are famously known for shunning modern technology, and also alcohol, but Amish tradition allows young men and women to experiment with outside ways before they re-dedicate themselves to their community. The police, however, draw the line at drinking and buggy-driving.

    As Dragovich approached the vehicle, the two men jumped out of the buggy and booked it, which spooked the horse and caused it to tear off in another direction. Dragovich chased the frightened horse and, after catching up with it, was left with another odd situation -- how the heck was he going to impound the abandoned buggy?

    Instead of operating the buggy himself, he turned it over for towing and brought the horse to a local farmer for safekeeping until police identified the owners. As of Wednesday, the owners hadn't come forward to claim their horse or the buggy. A Kenyan man, apparently frustrated that his wife refused to have sex with him, recently decided to make his displeasure known in an extremely damp way.

    According to the Kenyan news website SDE , the man, identified only as Ochieng , came home drunk just after midnight last week and wanted to get busy with his missus. When she refused, declaring she had a headache, Ochieng retaliated by urinating on her, and the bed. The revenge ploy backfired immediately, however -- not just because his wife was, understandably, not at all pleased with her husband's actions, but also because she decided to immediately let the neighbors know what was going on. The wife reportedly opened the front door and screamed to the neighbors, "I am tired of this life, what is this I have in the name of a husband?

    How can I clean urine for both my husband and child? I am tired of this marriage. According to the report, a neighbor said the next morning, the woman grabbed the kids and left to go stay with her family, "leaving the man a laughing stock in the village. A New Jersey woman was carted off by cops after she got into multiple accidents involving a motorized shopping cart she kept hitting in her attempt to escape.

    Siedah S. The year-old grabbed one and took it, along with her cart, walking past security guards who kept trying to get her attention. Smith tried to bolt the parking lot in her car, but hit a woman on a motorized shopping cart and got involved in an altercation with her -- hitting her a second time during the squabble and dragging the cart into the side of a police cruiser that had been called to the scene. Police in California responded to a call of a home break-in and immediately realized they needed some well-trained personnel as backup, as they were not quite equipped to deal with this particular trespasser.

    The homeowner told police someone had broken into the home and had locked himself inside the bathroom. Officers found a mountain lion inside and unable to get out. They believe the animal somehow entered the house through the front door and became cornered in the bathroom. Fish and Wildlife was called in to remove the cougar, which officers were able to do through a second-floor window, and later released it into the wild.

    If this is your first time hearing of the word "dating sim," then imagine a game that has you courting fictional characters through dialogue-heavy story lines. Winning the Colonel's heart won't be so easy. You'll have to outmaneuver rivals and make the right "life-changing decisions" to turn your friendship into a Kentucky Fried romance. There's a restaurant where a school of Billy Bass will serenade you with "Take Me to the River" and other classic hits. The Club plans to mount up to 60 Billy Basses on their wall and sync them together to perform yacht rock songs. Club co-founder Ashley Albert says the idea came from a brainstorming session on what to do with one of the empty walls.

    Soon, jokes about the singing animatronic fish came about. The Club put out an APB asking the public if anyone still held onto the iconic singing fish, and donations started pouring in.

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    Among the Billy Basses, staff members also found some rare variations like a catfish, lobster, great white shark, and a Christmas Billy Bass. The Club plans to have the finished product installed by September A full Harvest Moon will light up the night sky on the 13th. The last time a full moon happened on Friday the 13th was in October You won't see another on the 13th again until A Harvest Moon, the final full moon before the Autumnal Equinox, typically heralds the end of summer.

    However, to modern-day horror fans, the full moon symbolizes something different. Pig saves a Off-Peak train travel in India. Man shot in the face during a car jacking. Woman on the train tracks is hit by a tram. He wanted to get a SIM card. Body cam footage shows officer shooting Tymar Crawford during struggle. Retiring dog handler says goodbye to his dog. Shootout in the middle of a parking lot Good Samaritans first called police Thursday afternoon after noticing the small dog sitting alone in a Volkswagen sedan in the parking lot of.

    Michael Hammons said he couldn't stand by while the Yorkshire terrier was in distress in the Athens strip mall parking lot…. Early November, a man from Georgia came across a stray kitten in a parking lot, calling for his attention. The kitty was adamant about following him home. Brian Rand, of Beaufort, escaped his home just moments before it was consumed by fire thanks to Curly, the pup that nudged him awake in the middle of the night..

    The alarm is going off there's a dog in the back seat dwindled to rob. The number one call was made at PM karma police showed up four minutes later but during that time. He'll grabbed hammer from his work truck and broke the car's window to pull the dogs …. A brown-and-white mixed-breed dog named Ken is recovering from serious injuries after a man left her in the parking lot of a liquor store in Northeast D.

    The man, identified as Aaron Marlow, then got in his car and fled, but he was caught and arrested at a gas station on the other side of the parking lot, police said.. The latest Tweets from smilieson smiliesonapp : " Man scales building to save dangling child ". A video uploaded on Facebook by Will Costa, shows the unidentified man repeatedly hurling a large rock at the window, and ultimately. On Dec. After they put the dog in their car, the family drove to the Dothan Animal Shelter to attempt to save its life..

    The Roswell Police Department shared the …. Neosho police say the female beagle escaped its enclosure while its owners were away and someone mutilated the. A dog's bark is its way of communicating: to you, to other dogs, and to other people. If you're trying to keep your dog from ever barking, think again! Expecting a dog to never bark is as. The owner was cited. The dog was confiscated from his The internet can be a scary place, but it's also where we can find some of the most heartwarming stories of heroes adopting dogs or rescuing them from dangerous circumstances.

    We've rounded up 10 stories of dog adoption that made us believe in humanity again this year.. A popular message incorrectly advised that citizens could avoid criminal charges if they followed specific steps in rescuing dogs or babies from hot cars.. They merely networked and found a willing family, then arranged what amounted to a supervised swap in their parking lot..

    Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets or as survivors of the Asian dog meat trade. All are deserving of a forever home and the process is a lot easier than you think.