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At this point the police told him that he had to make a decision as the two hour time limit was about to expire in order for the result of the breath test to carry the legal presumptions that I have discussed in previous blogs, the breathalyzer must be administered within two hours from the time the person is arrested.

Portable Breath Tests in a Maryland DUI Arrest

My client then agreed to take the breathalyzer but when he accompanied the officer into the other room to do so, there was another officer there with another suspected drunk driver preparing to take the test. The police told my client that they the police essentially had a first come first served policy on the breathalyzer. My client protested pointing out that his time limit was about to expire and asked if the other person was up against the limit. He was told that in spite of the fact that the other person had more than an hour left before his time limit expired, he would still be allowed to go first.

Both judges also concluded that it was unreasonable for the police to make him wait in line behind another driver who had plenty of time left to take the test simply because the other driver had gotten there first.

Sanctions for Refusal to Take a Breathalyzer | Baltimore DUI Lawyer

Come on now, if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell to you in New York. On the one hand, if you blow a. However, if you blow a. They will take a hard look at the driving that resulted in the arrest and the field sobriety exercises you performed, as well as any other personal observations that Deputy Dawg made at the time of the arrest.

Thus, engaging in field sobriety exercises is a really bad idea. As I have written numerous times and places before, these darn tests are engineered for you to fail from the word go, thus they should not be done. If you are silly enough to engage these tests, every misstep you make will be recorded and used against you to show that you were impaired while attempting to perform the tests.

Breathalyzers in Maryland DUI Cases

Then despite blowing a low number, like. Depending on the Judge that you get or the county you are in, that very well may be enough to convict. Recently we were in Harford County a very bad place to try any criminal matter let alone a DUI case and our client performed amazingly well on the field tests. He actually had zero clues on two of the three tests, a feat rarely observed, this should have been shouting innocence to anybody hearing the case. Lastly, in terms of the breath machine, what about if for whatever reason, the machine fails to obtain a reading?

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In this circumstance, Deputy Dawg will charge you as a refusal to blow irrespective of the circumstances. Ironically, there is even administrative case law that tends to support a refusal to blow finding when a number is not registered in the breath machine.

DUI in Maryland – How Your BAC Will Affect Your Case

It is important in this circumstance to tell the breath operator and have him record any health condition that you may have that could impact your ability to provide a suitable sample. The fact that there is no BAC number is beneficial in a DUI arrest, but a purposeful refusal does have MVA ramifications day suspension of the right to drive in Maryland or an interlock for one year.

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Your emotions can play into the accuracy of the tests as well. You are in danger of being arrested and you may be frustrated, upset, scared or otherwise emotionally compromised, which may harm your performance on these tests.

An officer must be properly trained in administering and evaluating this test properly, and even then mistakes can be made. Some medical conditions can also cause involuntary eye twitching and skew the evidence.

Initial DUI Analysis

There are many ways field sobriety tests can cause false accusations of driving while intoxicated. There are numerous paths that the sentence for your conviction could take.

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Some results of your DUI charge may include jail time, probation or fines; however, there are also permanent effects that a DUI charge may have on your life. A DWI conviction will remain on your driving record permanently.

Breath Machine Procedures in Maryland following DUI Arrest (EC/IR Breathalyzer)

There are no alternative options such as community service or driving school that can expunge it from your record. This will follow you regardless if you move to a new state or practice years of safe driving after the incident. Additionally, this charge will also appear on your criminal record.

This is because a DUI is considered to be a criminal offense; depending on the particular case this may be a misdemeanor or a felony. Pursuing legal action against a DUI conviction can be stressful and confusing. We can help.