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Most of these are good to use with your 4K desktop, laptop display or smartphone. Today's theme is sports and car-themed wallpapers, also available as. Found on Pinterest Resolution: x Works on: Desktop. Photo by tommy boudreau Resolution: x Best for: Mobile. Photo by Pixabay Resolution: x Works on: Desktop. Now you know about information technology, you might be wondering: what is information science? Is it the same as information technology? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, information science dates back to , and so that term has been in usage for longer than the term information technology.

This is a new word for librarianship. It describes the process of collecting, classifying, storing, and retrieving information. In the paper-based world, it involves filing papers or storing books by categories. Libraries have index files that can tell you exactly where to find a book, by looking for codes on bookshelves. That classification code and the indexes in books were compiled through the processes of information science. IT has transformed the world of the information scientist because computers can automatically index data.

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Database management systems provide search utilities to sort through stored information and retrieve it a lot faster than a librarian can reach a passage in a book. So information technology is the application of computing to information science.

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Companies offering jobs in information technology required entrants already schooled in the concepts of processing data. This led to universities creating computing degree courses in the s and then specifically IT-related degree courses through the eighties and nineties. Choosing the right degree course, however, is a difficult task. Universities need to train students in technology that is currently in operation because businesses demand graduates with knowledge of the systems that they employ. However, the pace of change in IT is so fast that the industry might already have moved on to other technologies by the time the student graduates.

This causes the universities to include emerging technologies in the courses they offer, even though some of those nascent developments might never make it to commercial operation. University IT courses usually offer a taste of every aspect of IT. Students learn about the following:. Blending an IT course with business studies, accountancy, or psychology enables a student to tailor an education that points toward a target career path. Rapidly changing technologies also encouraged universities and colleges to offer much shorter diploma courses that enable students to enter the workplace before their newly acquired knowledge becomes obsolete.

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Such courses tend to focus on one or two aspects of IT careers, such as network administration or software support. Colleges and specialist IT schools offer one- or two-week courses that enable people already working in IT to train in new technology. These courses are usually paid for by the employer and are necessary when a business intends to overhaul its IT infrastructure. The Internet was first created in the seventies, but was only known to researchers in universities for more than a decade. The creation of the World Wide Web, which began in , transformed the Internet into an accessible vehicle for information sharing.

By the beginning of the 21 st century, the World Wide Web began to be adopted by businesses as a communication and sales method. The fastest development since has been the adoption of cloud computing, which enables business software and data services to be accessed over the web. Thanks to the Internet, business practices are adapting.

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Many IT functions can now be outsourced to specialist service providers and employees may work from home. Thus, the expansion of the office to any and many locations in the world presents new and exciting careers opportunities in IT. Such a plan would provide the graduate with hybrid skills that would be attractive to hirers in specialist areas. For example, studying IT and graphic design would make the graduate an interesting prospect for a web design company.

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